Some iPhone XS iPhone XS Max a new problem — they are not immediately charged

Unusual problem of expensive new IPhones.

The owners of the iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone complain about the new small, but not the most pleasant problem of their smartphones. Sometimes the new iPhone not begin charging immediately after you connect to the charger. In order to start charging you have to activate the display or to reconnect the charging cable.

The existence of the problem confirmed and YouTube-bloggers who tested the charge on a large number of iPhone and iPhone XS XS Max. As it turned out, the problem affected not all smartphones, but only some. Find out on what principle manifested unusual bug failed.

It is possible that the problem is not in the new iPhone and iOS 12. The same problem also often complain and users of other iPhone models. However, most of the reviews it receives from users ‘ iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.

If it turns out that the problem in iOS 12, from Apple to expect its a quick solution and speedy start a minor technical updates. Usually the company very quickly resolves any such problems that occur on new iPhone models.

Source: YouTube.

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