Some versions of the Apple Watch is no longer available for order on the website of the official online Apple store, convinced The deficit observed in most countries of the world, including in Russia, obviously pointing at the speedy release of the brand new model of smart hours.

As shown by the analysis of the range of the Russian segment of the Apple Online Store has gone silver version of the Apple Watch Series 1 in 38mm and the graphite version of the Apple Watch Series 3 in the case of 42 mm. the Rest of the modifications are still available for purchase, risking to disappear at any moment.

Where to buy Apple Watch

Along with the corporate online store Apple, the shortage of experience and partners of the company. For example, in American network of Best Buy and Walmart completely exhausted reserves of 42 mm Apple Watch Series 1, while other retailers are missing only some modifications of hours.

When I imagine the new Apple Watch

The disappearance from sale hours from both generations can attest to the fact that Apple intentionally displays the model from the market in anticipation of the presentation of the Apple Watch Series 4 on September 12. Whether to keep the manufacturer in the sale of one of the earlier versions at an affordable price, is not known.


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