Sony have created in Japan an impressive 16K screen, accommodating up to 64 times more pixels than Full HD display 1080p. Watched creates feelings comparable to virtual reality.

The screen length of 19.2 m and a width of 5.4 m more than the bus, but this video is reproduced without blurring. Quality ensures brand micro the led technology Sony Crystal LED, require no backlight, but OLED is much brighter and provides a deep black color.

Although the display actually consists of several separate modular panels, but due to the lack of frames, the image is continuous and has no dividing lines. A huge device set in the research centre for Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido on the level of the first and second floors.

Experts believe this technology will take decades to get to the consumer market. In addition to the technical difficulties and the need for high-quality videos, Crystal LED is currently too expensive for widespread use.

Due to the lack of a suitable video 16K, Sony created their own video showing the wildlife in their natural size, using an algorithm that adds the missing pixels to 8K frames.

Earlier we reported that Apple may start production of a compact AR glasses by the end of 2019.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: BBC

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