Media reported that Sony is working on a compact smartphone in the Xperia lineup. It will be as long as 1 Xperia and Xperia 5, but the size will get smaller.

The novelty will revive the series Xperia Compact. The aspect ratio will be 21:9, which should be easy to use.

The diagonal of the screen of the new smartphone will be equal to 5.5 inches and overall dimensions — 138 x 60 mm. Journalists have noted that the device may be the narrowest in the history Xperia. Interestingly, in width and comfort grip the new model will resemble the iPhone SE (he had 59 mm).

It is also known that the device will run on the Snapdragon processor 665.

Most likely, Sony will introduce a smartphone at the February exhibition MWC 2020.

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