Sony blocks the cross-play Fortnite between the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo platforms Switch and Xbox One.

Despite some signs that the company might listen to the feedback of consumers about their controversial decisions, the Director-General Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony has clarified the position. Last week, during the IFA in an interview with The Independent, Yoshida said that the PlayStation 4 is the best console for games in Fortnite.

“When it comes to cross platform games, we always ensure that PlayStation is the best solution. I think Fortnite on PS4 it will give users the best gaming experience. In fact, we have already released a lot of cross-platform games for the PC and some other devices based on user experiences,” said Yoshida.

Fans Fortnite using Nintendo Switch, expressed negativity towards Sony because PlayStation enable to block synchronization of purchases and progress between PS4 and Switch. This means that players have to create separate accounts for different consoles.

Previously, Sony already blocked the game PS4 Xbox One. Among them Fortnite, Rocket League and Minecraft.

Despite all, Yoshida said that competition from Xbox and Nintendo is a “regular situation” for Sony and the entire industry.

Kenichiro Yoshida, the PlayStation does not control directly, but he is the CEO of Sony and should be aware of the plans of the company. Response the CEO makes it clear that Sony is not going to include cross-play Fortnite, since the company considers that it has the best user interface for the game.


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