Headphones allow you to listen in.

AirPods wireless headphones can be used as a listening device. This possibility appears due to the AirPods one of the new features that appeared on the headphones after the release of iOS 12. Innovation, which before he knew not all that much of a surprise to users, reports The Sun.

With the release of iOS 12 on AirPods has a new feature for people with hearing impairments. The function of “Live-listening” allows iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is bound to AirPods, to operate in microphone mode. Introduced in this mode the device transmits a signal directly to the headphones, allowing you to hear the caller in noisy environments. At least, that was the main purpose of the function “Live listen” identified by Apple.

However, using the new function can AirPods and for other purposes, e.g., for wiretapping. Turning on “Live listen” on the iPhone and leaving it in the room, the user can move freely and listen to the conversation through their AirPods. Moreover, modern models of the iPhone, which is equipped with a large number of microphones, enable you to overhear it, even the people standing far away, without the need to position the iPhone next to them.

To activate the feature, users AirPods initially, you want to activate it in the menu “Settings” → “control Point”. After the function “Live listen” can be enabled directly from the “control” clicking on the icon with the ear.

Source: The Sun.


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