Noticed that your battery is fairly depleted? Panic early!

After the scandal with the deliberate slowdown in iPhone late last year Apple added to the iOS feature that allows you to monitor the battery status. The feature has long been in beta status, but has not been refined to perfection. Data on the status of the battery on the iPhone can be very understated. In this article said why is this happening and how to accurately check the battery status of the iPhone.

Independent research has shown that the statistics of the state of the battery on the iPhone doesn’t always show the correct data. The function may display a conservative figure and, of course, to confuse users.

For example, the real remaining capacity of the battery iPhone can be 99%, but in the menu “Settings” → “Battery” > “battery Status” States that the capacity is much lower. In some cases, the difference between the real figure that shows a standard function of iOS can be more than 10%.

Why is this happening? Experts do not know the specific reasons, but I assume that the problem lies in the function. It measures the battery status of the iPhone relying on various data, including the activity of using the smartphone, the date of the last reboot, etc. the Indicator of the battery status of the iPhone going from the analysis of all the analyzed data, which leads to inaccuracies.

How to accurately measure the battery status of the iPhone

Accurately measure the battery status of your iPhone using the standard functions iOS only after a full reset of the smartphone. Create a fresh backup of the iPhone, reset it to factory settings, after restore on backup. When the iPhone is reset — view battery status. With high probability it will differ from previous measurements in a better way.

Many users have tried to measure the battery status of the iPhone after a reset. One of the owners of iPhone 7 Plus worried about the fact that the remaining capacity of the battery on his smartphone started to be 94%. And that’s assuming that the iPhone was in use only 8 months. However, after reset function showed the real battery status is 99%.

In other words, if you have noticed that the battery status on your iPhone greatly reduced — this is not a reason to start worrying. Remember that after you reset the iPhone operating system will show you the real condition of the battery, which is better than before.


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