Stella Artois abandoned all efforts to contain the Apple, which quickly rushed in all the tabloids yesterday and still is at the Top of many news feeds.

The beer brand released movie “Meet the Ultimate Connected Device”, which is a beer glass as an alternative to the high-tech new products from Apple, presented yesterday.

Stella Artois demonstrates the advantages of its unique “gadget”: 100% wireless communication, “touch” activation, easiest way of recharging and the smooth and elegant “swipe”.

According to the creators of advertising, he is a FaceTime, which is really able to bring people together.

Lara Krug, Vice-President of Stella Artois:

We were inspired by the conflicting desires of our customers, which, on the one hand, I want to buy novelties from the world of technology, but, on the other hand, want to arrange a so-called digital detox.

Our campaign is one way to remind people that sometimes the key to balancing these two needs right in front of you. Comparing features of a glass of beer with smartphone features, we hope to inspire people to put aside the gadgets and appear in more of the original “social network” — to gather with friends over a beer.”

The video is part of a campaign of the brand “Joie de Bière” (“the Joy of beer”), which encourages everyone to enjoy the moments in “offline”mode.

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