Another hacker punished.

A former high school teacher Christopher Brennan sentenced to imprisonment for 34 months for stealing intimate photos of celebrities from iCloud in 2014. Brennan found guilty of unauthorized access to the personal data of dozens of celebrities.

In court papers stated that Brennan had access to the accounts, iCloud, Yahoo, and Facebook more than 200 people. Most of the victims of the hacker were a celebrity.

After gaining access to account iCloud, it uploaded them in a variety of personal information, including photos and contacts. In addition, Brennan hacked mail addresses of many of his victims, also found sensitive information.

Brennan is one of the many people who are responsible for large-scale hacker attack on celebrities iCloud known as Celebgate. Hackers, including Amateur, hacked into hundreds of iCloud accounts of celebrities and published their private photos online. The main victims of hacker attacks were actress Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Margot Robbie and others.

Earlier prison sentences in the same case received four hackers. They put on a period of 8 to 18 months.

Source: MR.


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