And there’s a reason.

In the US, there was another increase in the prices of unlimited mobile Internet. American subscribers, who are quite happy with the situation, complain about the regular price increases on the popular online Reddit and other sites. In discussions of higher prices Americans often say that in Russia the prices on unlimited mobile Internet is a different situation.

In the United States happened already the second largest increase in prices for unlimited Internet for the last month. Now the leading operator Sprint offers the rate in the nl at a price of $90 per month. On the current exchange rate is just over 6 000. The operator justifies the price increase by the inclusion in the plan of additional bonuses, for example, a subscription to Amazon Prime.

American subscribers, the increase in the cost of mobile unlimited Internet very frustrating. Users massively complain. Interestingly, in the discussions of the situation are examples of pricing in relation to other countries, including in Russia.

“Take that Russia! A huge country, millions of subscribers, and reasonable prices for communications. Why do we not so?”, — wrote one disgruntled by the price increase of users with the nickname jonrw2.

Note that in Russia, unlimited mobile Internet back in August of 2018. Leading operators have begun to offer unlimited at a reasonable price and some are free, but only on certain tariffs.

Source: Reddit.


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