A unique offer.

The company “Rostelecom” and “Beeline” introduced a new joint tariff home Internet “Cloud”. The tariff provides for the provision of home Internet at the highest speed (250 Mbps), a home television, as well as 1 TB of cloud storage “Yandex.Disc” every month during the year. Thus, users of the tariff “Cloud” for the year will receive as much as 12 TB of space in the cloud.

According to representatives of “Yandex” and “Rostelecom”, the new tariff “Cloud” is quite unique for the Russian market. Users tariff will not only get high-speed Internet access at speeds up to 250 Mbps, but “essentially limitless cloud storage”. Indeed, to hold 12 TB of storage in the cloud for the average user is extremely unusual task.

Moreover, even using the tariff of “Cloud” for just one month, users “Yandex.Drive” will be a huge boost to a free space of 1 TB. For most users that’s enough full.

In addition to the terabytes of free space in “Yandex.Drive”, according to the new tariff “Cloud” users will be granted access to the service “Yandex.Disk Pro”. It extends the functionality of “Yandex.Drive”, allowing you to see the extended history of changes to files on the public pages without limit and receive priority priority in applying to support.

Subscription fee at the rate of “Cloud” is from 850 rubles per month. To connect the new tariff are as new subscribers of “Rostelecom”, and current. Send a request for connection rate you can on this page of the official website of “Rostelecom”.

Source: Rostelecom.


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