Earlier it was reported that iOS users spend on apps in two times more than the owners of Android-devices. New statistics Creative Strategies revealed more interesting data.

The company surveyed more than 800 smartphone owners in the US and found that:

  • 20% of iOS users every day go to App Store, 32% weekly;
  • 9% of owners of Android visit Google Play every day 21% every week.

Also the staff of Creative Strategies found out how popular a search in the App Store. Was surprised that they use only 16% of people. As a rule, buyers prefer to rely on web surfing 35% use the search in the store from time to time. Similar figures similar for Android.

When it comes to shopping, there are, overall, users of both platforms are not against spending. However, they were not satisfied with the subscription applications – according to 54% of owners of iOS-devices and 47% prefer the Android one-time payment.

As for advertising, Apple customers are more willing to pay money for her trip, than followers Google: 46% and 38%, respectively.

But the picture becomes clear as a whole, when it comes to the number of paid apps on devices. 45% of iOS users said they have five or more paid apps or subscriptions, compared with 19% of owners of Android-gadgets.


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