The Bank is saying that we shouldn’t be surprised.

Sberbank officially raised rates on the consumer credits in Russia, it became known from the official website of the financial institution. Rates for borrowers increased on average by 0.5 percentage points. In addition, Sberbank has lowered the maximum loan term from seven to five years.

From 5 February 2019 the savings Bank are higher rates on consumer loans. For borrowers who receive a pension or salary in the savings Bank, now the following rates apply:

  • from 13.9% to 19.9% per annum on the amount of 300 thousand rubles
  • 12.9% to 17.9% per annum on the amount from 300 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles
  • 12.9% per annum in the amount of 1 million rubles.

For all other customers rates above 1%. Also in the savings Bank canceled the discount on a loan in the amount of 0.5% in the design with the help of “Sberbank Online”, and now it can not be obtained. Changed the maximum term of the loan. He started five years instead of seven years.

Representatives of Sberbank commented. According to them, the Bank has returned to the former conditions of consumer loans that were available before the introduction of the year shares in force in December 2018 and January 2019.

Source: Sberbank.


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