The owners of the flagships unhappy.

Users iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone complain that the connection speed to Wi-Fi on their smartphones less than older iPhone models. Some of the owners of the flagships even compared Wi-Fi speeds with the older iPhone — the difference is really noticeable.

Custom comparison of wifi speed on iPhone XS/XS Max, and older iPhone models show that flagships are seriously inferior. One of the users have tested Wi-Fi speed on the latest XS old iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus. The results surprised me — the download speed on the iPhone 6 Plus was nearly three times higher, and return — twice.

Similar results are stated by many other users of the latest Apple smartphones. According to one user, before testing it even did a full reset on both phones and removed the covers for the most correct test.

On the other hand, many users claim that Wi-Fi speed on their new iPhone much more than on the older models. In this regard, it is possible that the problem is part of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max is associated with the software bug in iOS 12.


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