The developers of the program made a bet on the corporate segment, to which new features may seem tempting.

Skype FaceTime exceeded, increase the maximum number of participants to 50 users. The competing technology has set a limit of only 32 of the user. Skype doubled the figure. Earlier application, the largest number of participants was 25 people. Ordinary users it is unlikely these changes will be useful, but for the corporate sector offers great prospects. Before implementing new features Microsoft employees have experienced it in practice.

This feature allows a user to simultaneously call all participants in the group, and to address each separately. After the introduction of new features in Skype technology Apple — FaceTime lost the leading position. To use advanced function on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Now Skype focuses ON the communication of large numbers of people simultaneously. The app now has built-in call recording and background blur when recording video. This allows you to hold productive conference by reducing the number of distracting elements.


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