How to see the future? If we are talking about technology, the problem becomes more complicated. After all, it is only a tool for solving problems, which… also while Neizvestny. In short, the situation starts to look like a fairy tale “go there — do not know where, bring it — I do not know what.” But there is a solution. We Sostav, together with partners from JagaJam in the framework of the project “digital trends to 2019” asked questions to market experts about how it will change the digital world in the next few years. Before you the fourth issue of the project — technology and measurement. Sergey Dapkus, head of production digital Agency PINKMAN For me these trends, with which I partly agree, the confirmation of one the most important trend — people want all ways to simplify your life. Trend smart, simple services will gain momentum in 2019. Voice assistants to quickly search for without getting up from his chair and though to the monitor, the video that you can watch and understand, personalization of content, when AI, AI, and other abbreviations pick up what you need and fits you. A good and very recent example is Loсal Kitchen. Guys when the team launched a convenient and simple service/product despite the fact that in this market there are giants. I mentioned the team not just because I am convinced that another trend in 2019 — HR brand or the brand of the team. People who are seasoned in digital and battle-tested business and time. What partly do not agree with is the AR/VR. This trend moves from year to year for the third time. The fact that massmarket people have not learned how to simplify using this technology life, and if it seems that learned quickly razbegayutsya. All of these fitting furniture from IKEA and other expensive promotional things fade out very quickly as they have real benefits to the client. The use of this technology difficult. Either additional equipment, or a mobile device on which you have something to install, start, learn… Apple has taken the first steps to this and has integrated in its camera part of the functionality, but not enough. Use the mask in Instagram and are happy. Trends about marketing is not quite trends. For example, the fact that brands will go for promo to nano-influencers. In my opinion, it all depends on the brand objectives and budget. Small companies can’t afford top bloggers. Large brands can solve different tasks at the same time and for them the more appropriate approach when they connect several major bloggers to maximize coverage and increase the knowledge pool and separate small bloggers to improve performance kpi. Ilya Krylov, project Manager, advertising technology the OMD OM Group is Expected to shift from “data perfectionism” to “minimalism” data because the organization wants to obtain only the data they need for their products and services. Minimum viable data will become a new trend in product design. Will still be not much time before companies begin to routinely share data, and will be made a transition to establish the exchange of data or open data API, as happened in the banking industry (abroad). As a result of democratization of access to technology AI (AI, Artificial Intelligence, artificial intelligence) appeared on the market a number of startups offer our cloud applications and development tools. For example, the company Reflektion applies deep learning to boost sales, online stores, offering customers products that match their individual needs Hence the conclusion: it is important to remember, first, design the business problem and clear all the desired result, and only then the choice of technology, tools, etc., Evgeny Doronin, General Director, MediaSniper the Principle of in-class procurement is being promoted in audio-streaming, surveillance, TV-watching. And in process of growth of possibilities of data collection and processing transformation will accelerate. We expect in the coming years, the emergence of new business models — businesses that did not have advertising revenues, will monetize through advertising their existing big data. Such businesses include financial institutions, retail and Telecom companies with a wide range of data-based products. Already, much of the development of the advertising model in the voice services, including paralegals. If we talk about programmatic, we expect growth of this market and the dynamic development tools. This contributes to the global trend of personalization, which requires a customized approach to the individual user. This trend perfectly fits the growing demand for dynamic creatives that allow a single advertising campaign automatically adjust to the behavior of a particular person, including the time of day, interests, and habits of the user. A couple of years ago, it could be called magic. Arthur Dambis, Director General, Mage a Few months ago, Zuckerberg announced that he was going to join Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram (direct) into one platform. The recent failure of all three networks suggests that they are already there something to test. If you imagine that this will still be an adequate API, this opens up new prospects for market chat-bots than he probably will. Now, for example, the WhatsApp API is open only for the elite, which well, quite a few, and brands have to get out (to risk using unofficial or doing manual processing of messages). The Union of the three platforms promises the following. In one scenario, the messenger will remain in the API, then the entry can be done through Facebook Messenger, where the bot will reply with it. In the other, we will roll out a common open API, which also are two possible alternatives — open and “selected”. I want to believe the best, so, the expected growth bot traffic promotions by the end of this year. Igor Chakarov, Head of PPC, Digital Geeks In the first place, we are waiting for the further evolutionary development of the AI voice assistants. Ultimately, this will lead to the fact that the user does not have to ask the voice assistant to predict his intention in asking leading questions. I also want to note that the trend of development of voice search, of course, will affect not only SEO experts, but also specialists in search advertising. It is already clear that a substantial part of the matters specified using voice dialing does not imply the transition to a third-party site. The user who asked a simple question, want to get a simple answer orally. So the task is to identify queries that do not carry commercial value for the brand in the near future will place an additional burden on marketers. Elvira Safayev, Director for work with clients Weborama content Creation for quite a long time based on full knowledge about the user by analyzing a large dataset. All brands want to have the opportunity of obtaining 360° intelligence about their consumers and make it more clear and correct the image before starting to convey the advertising message. In this task, the help of new technology. Julia Lazareva, Performance Agency Lead, Facebook In 2019, the advertisers will focus on a deeper measurement of the results of their campaigns and improve their effectiveness. Business objectives each year formulated more clearly. As a result of growing need for more high-quality intelligence, which is all the more difficult and expensive to obtain through traditional methods and through the usual channels. The question arises as quickly and cost-effectively to produce the necessary data. In the past year, together with the brands we started to run projects with reward users for buying certain products in store. The user buys a product, scans the receipt in the app and receive a gift or cashback. The advertiser, in turn, collects data for analysis — the identification of the number of purchases of virtually any product, its items, and information about the preferences of buyers, which can work in the future. Such campaigns have already shown their high efficiency. For example, Fanta has launched an app aimed at sales promotion SKU Fanta 0.33 l or 0.25 l, the User needed to send a scan of the check with the purchase of banks Fanta 0.33 l or 0.25 l in-app community and Fanta to receive a free set of stickers Vkontakte. The user goes into the app and got acquainted with the conditions of this promotion. When you click the “Scan a check” calls the camera of the mobile device with QR code scanner. After scanning the check went to check, and the user received an additional message on the status check from the chat bot. After the successful test of the chat-bot sent a link to the sticker shop Incontact with the ability to install a set of stickers for free. The use of such mechanics can significantly optimize the load for processing the images and adjust the quality for material processing — QR code is scanned only when sufficient illumination and sharpness of focus. During the campaign of Fanta and a half months — the app “stickers for receipts” were used by over hundreds of thousands of users, 60% sent two or more valid receipt. The advantages of this format is that benefit both parties — the advertiser and the user. For the latest stickers is a valuable reward. To brand this prize is easy to distribution — it does not deteriorate, is delivered instantly and do not need to engage a contractor to distribute it. The stickers Vkontakte very much, such a reward can encourage the repeated, yet unique scan. Simon boyar, Director of development strategic products, “Classmates” of AI has penetrated deeply into all corners of digital world: from the analysis of user behavior to the search patterns. Using data from social networks and custom posts can work with information that is relevant to each individual. For example, in OK, we use AI and neural networks in the feed, at the recommendation of the content, music, as well as in facial recognition technology. in addition, last year OK reset calls to the AI. The technology allows to maintain high quality of communication, to give a clear picture even when connection is unstable. The actual topic with the chat-bots connected with the AI, because the conversation with the chat bot is generated by the machine learning. According to the American research company Gartner, by 2020 a quarter of all consumer brands will use chat-bots to communicate with customers. By 2022, according to Juniper Research, chat-bots will help businesses save more than $8 billion annually. Small and medium-sized business can automate OK communication with customers using the recently launched function auto-replies for groups. Group administrators will be able to correspondence with customers in the social network to set an infinite number of scenarios, answers to the most frequent queries. With the rise of mobile consumption worldwide there is a growing voice search, and with this change of marketing strategy. According to ComScore, by 2020 half of all search queries will be voice. Now 20% of requests to Google is voice. Besides voice assistants, managed the AI become “smarter”, and in addition to the response to the request, issue an advertising message that is relevant for you. Which in turn opens a lot of opportunities for advertisers. In OK also available voice search, and we see a growing trend in the use of this feature. So, 250 thousand unique users a mobile app OK use voice search on a monthly basis. And that number is only growing.

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