Vasily Voropaev, CEO Rubrain

My advice is Duolingo.

When more to study than at University?

15 minutes a day in the form of a game — and you will learn to release additional, and possibly more than one foreign language.

It seems that the need for English only, if you are a translator. But it is not — the more languages you know, the wider horizons, the more interesting journey.

If you do not teach at the University of foreign languages, teach yourself.

Recommend Bookmate and Arzamas. Not everyone can go to MSU, but we are all lucky to live in the 21st century, when self-education is available and mostly free.

Maxim Dziuba, Director of the Directorate “North” “Bank home Credit”

Students need to absorb a huge amount of information in a short time, and not to forget about self-development and to broaden their horizons. So I would recommend the following applications.

Office Lens app for editing documents, information from flipcharts, posters, boards. Formats, photos to pdf document with excellent contrast. Very convenient to record recording lectures, meetings, meetings.

Blinkist is a similar app for English reading. The best books, the most important thing. Saves time!

TED app from the popular portal video. There’s a lot of interesting speeches. For those who want to know more and to evolve.

Elena Pakhomova, Director of talent development Mars

I recommend a very handy free tool — Notion. How is it so valuable?

First, you can use the app on your phone, computer or browser, all versions are synchronized with each other.

Secondly, it can be used as for planning their personal or school-work tasks and to coordinate team work. The task category is personalized to suit your needs, and the execution status can be easily monitored.

In app phones: for example, inside one you can create additional pages, insert photos and links, that are potentially useful for lectures and notes. You can make lists, the usual to-do-lists. All done tasks are simply removed and moved to the archive.

It is easy to collaborate on projects and connect people to tasks.

This integrated approach to planning in the College years will help students learn how to conduct their business. And when they come for an internship or job, these skills help them better integrate into the workflow.

Sergey Balakirev, project Manager, venture Fund Larix
This is one of the many applications for scheduling tasks and planning. I chose it on the basis of aesthetic considerations — like design. The app I use for both mobile and web versions.
The functionality allows you to split the tasks on the lists: personal goals, work, goals for the year. There is a possibility of joint work — if you work in a team on a big homework assignment and you need to divide the subtasks is a great tool.


This is a complete information system that I use in web and desktop versions. He began to work with her, while still a student (since 2012). All of the most essential tools available in the free version, which can not but rejoice.


App for meditation accompaniment. You can argue about the need for meditation or not, but for those who would like to try what it is, I would recommend Headspace. He has counterparts, but I stopped my choice on it because of the pleasant voice of the guide and founder of the service — Andy Puddicombe. There are group courses that you can gradually take place: the basics, search focus, overcoming stress.
For me meditation helps to restore calm in stressful situations and be more focused. The free version has access to 10 meditations for 10 minutes, further access is paid and many price, unfortunately, can alienate.


Free app timer for the pomodoro system. It really helped when I was preparing for the CFA exam. I needed the basis of the net preparation time. I think for the student who is preparing for a session and wants to understand how much time it takes to prepare, this app will be a good helper.
App for forming habits. Many readers have surely had the goal of new 2019. I am no exception. The app allows you to set a goal and also to hire a coach to achieve it. For example, I set a goal to meditate daily at least 10 minutes.
The application can make a reminder and put a tick every time you successfully cope with the task. For me, the trick lies in the fact that I do not want to interrupt the series of five consecutive successful days (ticks in the Appendix). It might sound stupid, but it works.

Denis Sidorov, Director of development Webbankir

Students I recommend the app radio “Arzamas”. Very high quality content for those interested in history and culture. Of the latter, for example, remembered the lecture on the novel “Master and Margarita” — as it was created, what are the realities of the 1930s in the reflection. Also listened to excellent lectures on “Sociology as a science of common sense”. Was not only informative, but also useful for work — it helps to better feel the audience.

In the work of actively using the Power BI app from Microsoft. I get it and analyze statistics on the activities of the company, but, in fact, the application allows you to upload any data and visually evaluate them on different criteria and filters. I think a useful thing for students when preparing coursework or dissertations operate on big data.

Also appeal to the Health app for the Apple Watch. It collects data related to physical activity and helps to maintain yourself in good shape. In his youth, it may seem that it doesn’t matter — actually, no. To paraphrase a classic — “protect health from the youth”.

Dmitry Lazarenko, head of the Cstore (Apple Premium Reseller)

Useful apps for students so much that I would recommend those who regularly use myself.

Todoist app for task management. It is very convenient that works on any computer. That is, you will be able to view their tasks and statuses on them at any time at the University with a smartphone or in a student notebook. For students especially will be the actual function setting group tasks by project, coursework or presentation. Tasks can be sorted according to priorities, not to miss the most important.

The Application “Litres: Listen!” — a large selection of audiobooks, as applied literature, and classic. Convenient to listen to books in the background, for example, on the way to school or during a long break between the pairs. No need to carry heavy books, when they are all in digital form in your smartphone.

Alex Zagumennov, managing a group of companies “Avira”

Even in school I realized that if you have a dream, there must be clear objectives. When I wanted to buy a metal designer, I began to cut corners, because the only way I could earn. The accumulated money to buy chewing gum and sell them at twice the price.
A student designer was replaced by apartment, car, career. I’ve got the trick.

But if 10 years ago you had to control your budget in mind or a notebook, but now there are plenty of mobile apps that will help you to plan your expenses and achieve your goals.

For example, the simplest CoinKeeper, which teaches you how to manage finances. The application can set a goal of accumulation, and it will automatically “reserve” a percentage of your income. Creating a monthly budget, you can determine for each category the limit for a certain amount. And as you fix the Trat icon will be filled like a glass.
Indeed, many students are forced to rent an apartment, pay tuition, buy groceries, and money from scholarships and part-time jobs is not always enough. CoinKeeper — in my opinion, the best solution for young people, which will help to plan your budget and save the money for a cherished dream.

Andrew Beloyedov, Director of sales and marketing at REHAU in Eastern Europe

The best applications and platforms for students are those that provide access to information and simplify the solution of the standard learning tasks. Here’s my small selection. Something I use myself (who said that the decision to organize the workflow will not work University students?), something learned from daughters.

Instagram. Many students are there in their blogs, talk about projects, and even organize the business. It’s so nice to get information directly from their peers, not journalists, brands or marketers.

iBooks, PocketBookReader and applications from book publishers. Indispensable if you read a lot and watch out for it. Allow you to work with different file formats, give the ability to change fonts and adjust lighting. In some applications, there is also a search for free books in the public directories.

Telegram. Here the advantages are obvious — in the messenger, you can find channels about science and education, read the news of your University or get a quick answer to a question. Useful can call The Science, containing a good selection of articles on popular science topics, bot Programming, which helps to understand the basics of programming, Wolfram Alpha — bot to solve mathematical problems.

Talks at Google, Search Inside Yourself and other educational channels. Publish a huge number of lectures on various topics. The knowledge you gain will not only be useful while studying at the University, but certainly useful in life.

“Zen money”. Program on financial planning, which is used by my assistant. The app is very simple to use, all information is easy to read and sistematizarea. I recommend to everyone. and other resources for learning foreign languages. The functionality can vary from one platform to another, but the dictionaries and hundreds of useful tests of varying complexity you will find in any case. Especially convenient to use on the road — ride the subway and study the new vocabulary words.

Juliana Naumenko, founder of the Agency “Trajectory of the Future”

These apps I use for several years and definitely recommend to students.

Application for storing passwords 1password

The app is useful for those who are involved in a variety of digital tools and would like to make them easier to access while maintaining information security. Current students — generation Z — “grew up” on the Internet, so I recommend this app for convenient and quick access to different programs. It installs on all devices, allows you to store, generate new credentials.

Application to personal self-organization and organization of work teams MeisterTask

It allows you to control personal and household Affairs as well as team projects and tasks. In MeisterTask you can quickly capture tasks, to prioritize, to visually assess the status without going to the computer on the platform.

Strava. App to track athletic performance

In terms of sports I recommend, since I use the app Strava. In fact, it is the social network for those who engage in different sports activities and would like to join for sports challenges with friends, like-minded people and to share the results. In this app you can make a plan their workouts and keep their history, track progress and results.

Mikhail Myagkov, CEO of the education company MAXIMUM

I would advise the application that did not so long ago discovered — Smart Reading. This is not a digital library in the truest sense of the word. The Annex contains a small summary, each no more than 10 pages. For a summary of selected books that have received high ratings in Amazon collections, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, book of lists, opinion leaders such as bill gates and Herman Gref. Many have not yet translated into Russian language.

In my tight schedule with frequent travel is not always enough time for a full reading. Smart Reading allows us to understand what book you should pay more attention and maybe read fully, and where quite large extracts. Pleasant moment for me that there is not only text format but also audio.

I think that the schedule of a modern student, who often combine studies with work, are also quite dense. In addition, modern young people are accustomed to a lot of diverse information in a compressed form. So I think that this app will be useful for travelers with the world’s best books non-fiction.
After each summary there is an opportunity to take a quiz that will test how well you have understood the reading, and listened. Also any book you can buy on the website partners Smart Reading and read in full.
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