Subscribers resent.

Mobile operator Tele2 Russia raised the price of many fares, and the subscribers began to learn of the alarm SMS. It is assumed that the increase is due to an increase in the rates of VAT from 18% to 20% from 1 January 2019. But official comments on the reasons for price increases on tariffs Tele2 representatives have not yet given.

Tele2 subscribers reported an increase in the subscription fee in its tariffs from January 2019. Despite the fact that the increase in fees associated with the increase in VAT in Russia is 2%, the prices rates have grown considerably stronger.

For example, the fee at the rate of “My line” has increased from 290 rubles to 310 rubles — almost 7%. A similar increase of 20 rubles occurred at the rate of “Black” in 2018 from 250 to 270 rubles, in this case 7.5%. The maximum increase in percentage terms at the moment spotted on a version of the rate of “Black” from 2016, the subscription fee has risen by 8.13%.

Staff support Tele2 confirmed that the monthly fee from 1 January 2019 has changed on all archive fees. The specialists of the operator’s claim, responding to customer requests in the chat.


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