He appeared not at all, you need to check.

Mobile operator Tele2 has decided not to lag behind MTS, “Beeline” and “MegaFon“, which in August of 2018 was returned to unlimited Internet. Today, Tele2 began to offer subscribers a new option “Very much” Internet, which provides unlimited Internet connection for 100-200 rubles per month depending on the region. However, at the moment the option is running oddly enough — while she appeared not at all subscribers.

How to connect unlimited “a lot of the Internet” at Tele2?

Original new option is Tele2, which offers subscribers fully unlimited Internet without any restrictions on traffic, appeared on the tariffs, “Sorcery”, “My Online” and “My online ultra.” It is assumed that the other tariffs the service will be available in the near future. However, official confirmation of this information from employees Tele2 has not yet been reported.

To connect to the service “a lot of the Internet” you need to go to dashboard and find the option in the list. Problems can arise at this stage, as the option has appeared, not all subscribers. In the future, the service should become available to all.

The cost of unlimited Internet from Tele2 is from 100 to 200 rubles per month depending on the region. A bid is recognized as more profitable than other operators, at least if we are talking about individual unlimited Internet.

What are the limitations of the nl?

However, the unlimited from Tele2 there are several important limitations. SIM card with activated “a lot of the Internet” cannot be used in USB modems. In the distribution of Internet at the Wi-Fi speed is reduced to 128 kbps. the Same issue occurs when loading data from file sharing. Meanwhile, there are no restrictions when using the free unlimited Internet outside the home region not.

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