Gift ideas.

Run out of ideas for gifts on February 23? On AliExpress there are many interesting and useful products, which are ideally suited as a gift for the upcoming holiday. In this collection collected 11 products that will appeal to most men.

1. Robe from Star wars

Price: 1639 roubles (20% discount).

Robes, made in the style of Rob characters of the Saga “Star wars.” Perfect and unusual gift for all fans of the popular universe. Bathrobes made of high quality material, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews.

2. Original cufflinks

Price: 332 rubles (20% discount).

Unusual cufflinks in the style of heroes of different films, including “spider-Man”, “James bond” and “Iron man”. A very original gift for anyone who does not want to lose individuality.

3. Flask

Price: 671 rubles (discount 26%).

Handy flask with a truly masculine design in a barrel. The flask is very durable, but even if it is dented or scratched, it only give additional style.

4. Trimmer

Price: 970 RUB (5% discount).

Proven inexpensive beard trimmer. On AliExpress with a choice of trims always need to careful as there are a lot of frankly bad models. This trimmer is proved by thousands of customers.

5. Large rug for the mouse

Price: 701 ruble (discount 29%).

Huge rug for a mouse with a modern design. Really proven gift as a rug not only looks impressive but greatly improves the experience of computer use due to their size.

6. The transformer on the radio

Price: 959 roubles (53% off).

Full transformer on the control panel. Transformirovalsya in a sports car or a large and well-all the familiar robot. Of course, this gift is best suited for children, but many adult men will not refuse to remember his childhood.

7. Original watch

Price: 1042 ruble (discount 32%).

A stylish watch with one of the most original performance of the shooter. Watches, no doubt, will attract attention — like you rarely meet.

8. Keychain weapons

Price: 71 rubles (discount 45%).

Compact keychain in the form of different weapons, which perfectly fits the theme of the 23rd of February. Perfect as an extra mini-gift.

9. Leather bag

Price: 864 rubles (discount 55%).

Quality leather shoulder bag which is currently being actively sold on AliExpress in the eve of February 23. Bag is made of leather, has many pockets and comes in four colors, each of which is exclusively male.

10. Sunglasses

Price: 674 ruble (discount 45%).

Cool sunglasses with modern design. The main thing they are really tested. On AliExpress they have almost 15,000 orders!

11. Sports bag

Price: 1040 rubles (discount 42%).

Convenient carry bag for trips to athletic training. Very durable, roomy and with a large number of offices.


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