Many Apple fans waiting for iPhone release XR was hoping that the smartphone is full copy the more advanced models, except for the LCD display, single camera and the aluminum frame around the perimeter of the housing. These changes looked like a justifiable compromise necessary to maintain the low cost of the apparatus. But as it turned out, the company had to save on the number of components, one of which has become indispensable 3D Touch. Or is it interchangeable?

Despite the fact that Apple had to abandon 3D Touch functionality of the interface will also be available to owners of iPhone XR, like all other iPhone models starting with the iPhone 6s. This was achieved thanks to the technology of Haptic Touch. It replaces the reinforced pressing for a long retention, in response to slight vibration and allowing you to use gestures to pick and pop for quick access to the functions of individual applications directly from the desktop.

Why 3D Touch is not on iPad

A reasonable question that arises after reading the news, why don’t you implement the same in all other iOS devices. But you know better than me how materialistic can sometimes be Apple. There are many cases when the company gave out the functions that are implemented programmatically, for outstanding innovations of the new iPhone. This was the case with the regime of “Portrait lighting” which appeared in X and iPhone 8 Plus, but was not available to owners of iPhone 7 Plus, despite the dual camera.

Why do we need 3D Touch

However, the failure of Apple from 3D Touch iPhone XR can have far more serious consequences than the dissatisfaction of the users. It is possible that in the end, the company will simply reject the hardware implementation of the interface in favor of the software. This indirectly indicates a reduction in the number of components of the 3D Touch in the iPhone XS and XS Max, which allowed Apple to save on production of smartphones for almost 10 dollars, which in the context of multi-million dollar parties can play a major role.


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