Great innovation!

Apple has simplified access to the list of active paid subscriptions for apps and services the iPhone and iPad. Starting with iOS 12.1.4 to view the list of available paid subscriptions, including those in test mode, it is possible in just three clicks. This innovation should greatly simplify the viewing of active paid subscriptions for iPhone users.

How to watch paid subscription on iPhone

12.1.4 iOS and newer iOS versions (including beta versions of iOS 12.2) simplified way of viewing pay-per-view subscriptions to apps on iPhone and iPad. In order to view them and, if necessary, unsubscribe from unnecessary, users just need to open the app Store app, click on their profile picture in the upper right corner and on the next page, select “Manage subscriptions“.

Immediately after this page opens, which will indicate all active subscriptions of the user. First to log in this menu, users had to go into the settings the Apple ID that was obvious to many.

Previously, Apple banned developers to introduce confusion when making subscriptions. The company requires developers to clearly inform users about the price and its conditions.


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