Technology from Apple, like any other, is prone to damage. Most often, these failure related to incorrect operation of the device, and today we will talk about several of the most common problems with appliances Apple. Information about this share with us the specialists of the service center MacFix involved in the maintenance and repair of Apple technology.

1. Mechanical damage to the device

Typically, these injuries occur due to fall or impact. And okay if you have a smartphone or laptop will get a small dent or chip on the body. Most often in the fall have a broken iPhone screen and possible hidden damage to the motherboard. Have a MacBook in the fall may disrupt normal operation because of damage to the motherboard, circuit boards RAM or hard drive. And if the hard drive in some models you can still replace it yourself, the repair of a broken screen it is better to entrust to specialists.

2. Flooded with the device with liquid

One of the most frequent causes of breakage of any electronic devices. Even if the device is switched on it does not mean that all is well with him. Gradually the contacts on the Board will oxidize, and after some time your smartphone, tablet or laptop will still stop working, but it was more sad for the devices effects. So the sooner you take filled with liquid the device for repair, the better.

3. The failure of components with limited service life

The components include battery, HDD/SSD, and some of the capacitors on the motherboard. And this is completely normal: nothing is eternal, especially when it comes to batteries that can be charged and discharged several times per day. Yes, some of these components, you can try to replace it yourself, but then you will lose your warranty and can cause damage to the device due to the lack of knowledge and experience in repair techniques. Therefore it is better to take the device to service center even if you imagine that replacing the battery is not difficult. To know the price for the repair of equipment Apple →

4. Overheating

When the laptop cooling system over time becomes clogged with dust, and thermal paste on the CPU and graphics card dries, resulting in deteriorating the abstraction of heat from them. Like any laptop, MacBooks require periodic maintenance. The main preventive procedure is to clean the cooling system from dust and replace the thermal paste. This is especially important for users of models, the MacBook Pro working with demanding tasks. The exception is the MacBook 12″, as this device has no active cooling system, and cleaning it is not required. If the device began to warm up — carry it in service.

5. Problems associated with the use of chargers of poor quality

When manufacturers say that you should use the original charger, is not only a desire to make money, but also a necessity. The fact is that counterfeit chargers may have the wrong power and more often than not equipped with protection from surges, which can lead to serious damage to the device or even the impossibility of his recovery. At least can fly the battery. Therefore it is better to overpay and take the original charger than to buy a cheap fake, and then bite your elbows, because your expensive MacBook from a surge can not be repaired. In the service center MacFix repair any Apple device, from the first versions of the MacBook and iPhone to modern. In addition, MacFix can upgrade your MacBook by installing a fast HDD or SSD, and RAM memory larger. When you upgrade or repair your device MacFix will give recommendations for care will carry out all necessary maintenance work to extend its life. To know the price for an upgrade of Apple technology →

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