American teenagers surprised buyers and sellers of Apple brand shop, when half a minute was done there was a big robbery. Manufacturers of gadgets have lost their goods in a total amount of 27 thousand dollars. This was reported by the ABC.

No one, even the eye has not had time to blink before the attackers fled. The young thieves were sweatpants and sweatshirts with hoods that hid their faces.

During the attack, the criminals were divided: two of them slammed MacBook and tore out their cords attached to the table. Two other PAL released tethered iPhone. After that, the group ran past the crowd of frightened girls and trying to stop them men and disappeared.

“Was stolen by the various iPhone: iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and 8 and even the new iPhone X. One customer stood at the door not to let them go, but it misled,” — said Lieutenant Fresno police mark Hudson.

The police are looking for teenagers. According to militiamen, the RAID carried African Americans aged 16 to 18. Also, the guards announced in tracing the car in which the young people have left.

The unusual robbery took place in Moscow. Unknown broke into the office of a logistics company using a rope and brought out 60 thousand euros. Police arrived at the crime scene and gathered evidence that will help to find the thief.


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