Now self-employed can start paying taxes.

The Federal tax service has released a special application “My tax”, which will allow self-employed to voluntarily register and pay taxes. The app “My tax” was available for free download on iPhone and Android devices.

From 1 January 2019, Russia has enacted many laws, the most important of which we wrote in detail in this article. One of the most acclaimed new laws offering self-employed Russians to register and voluntarily pay the taxes. To make this easier to do on the new app “My tax” for iPhone and Android devices.

The tax regime for self-employed is earned only in the test mode in Moscow, the Moscow region, Tatarstan Republic and Kaluga region. Self-employed residents of these regions can voluntarily register and pay a tax of 4% of income in the case of private individuals and 6% in the case of legal persons.

To register as self-employed through the mobile app “My tax”. In the application, you must log into your account with the help of the INN, and then confirm the area of operation and phone number. Upon successful registration, the app will automatically be generated receipts to the customers. Information about them will be immediately forwarded to tax for tax calculation.

Tax through the app is deducted only if the user consents. In addition, taxes can be paid by yourself, not using the app. The FTS stressed that the self-employed are not required to pay insurance premiums and take any statements.


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