Better not to keep the Apple device in the sun.

In the Amsterdam Apple store the incident occurred. One of the men standing on the stands iPad suddenly started Smoking and caught fire after heavily. Store employees promptly put the tablet in a special container with sand, where the device exploded.

Because of the iPad emitted toxic smoke three visitors Apple Store was bad. Store employees called an ambulance, which took the victims to the hospital to check. After the media reported that there was nothing serious with poorly coming into the Apple Store people did not happen. The store itself was closed for several hours for airing. When the smell of smoke became the Apple Store once again earned normally.

According to store employees, iPad is kindled due to overheating of the battery. On the screen for a long time exposed to sunlight, which caused the overheating. Also the position of the plate was exacerbated by the fact that he worked without a break to demonstrate the capabilities of the gadget.

Earlier we talked about how using four simple but effective ways to extend the life of the battery iPhone and iPad.

Source: TNW.


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