And that’s not including the latest Apple Watch Series 4!

Smart watch Apple Watch, once again proved to be the most popular in the world. According to statistics from the company Counterpoint, in the third quarter of 2018, the share of Apple Watch accounted for 30% of all sold smart watch. And this is assuming that a major update of the Apple Watch Series 4 went on sale in September at the end of the quarter.

Apple once again became the undisputed leader of the market of smart hours. The share of the Apple Watch had 30% of all sold in the world of smart watches. In second place with a share of 16% settled rapidly restored to their positions Fitbit. In the third quarter of the year, Fitbit was able to sell 4.5 times more smart watches than the same period last year.

The third is not the most well-known Chinese company Imoo, which sells mainly children’s smart watch. Its share is equal to 10% of the market. Also in the top five went to Samsung and Xiaomi, whose share in the market of smart hours is 7% and 3% respectively.

Counterpoint analysts believe that Apple will remain the market leader in smart watches and in 2019. The reason for the high sales of large-scale updated the Apple Watch Series 4. In the new smart watches from Apple was noticeably refreshed design, increased the display and a host of new features, in particular, the ability to measure ECG in 30 seconds.

Source: Counterpoint.


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