The number of public services received by the Siberians through the mobile application “public Services” for the year 2018 increased four times and still 1.4 million For comparison, in 2017, residents of Siberian regions 309 filled out thousands of applications for receipt of services in electronic form.

In the whole country, the figure for 2018 more than last year doubled and amounted to 12.6 million applications. On average each month mobile application “public Services” were used by 9.3 million Russians.

The most popular service from the “mobile” e-citizens in Siberia, as in all other regions, was able to learn the amount of pension savings. Users have made 606 thousand of these queries, the inhabitants of the Ural Federal district (UFD) was sent to the Pension Fund through the mobile application “public Services” 716 thousand applications. In the Central Federal district (CFD) data on the status of their personal accounts in system of compulsory pension insurance is requested more than 1.4 million times. But only with the app, the Russians sent 5.5 million applications for this service.

On the second and third place in popularity among Siberians in 2018 was public services related to vehicles. Online check-in of car citizens have used 109 thousand times, and another 64 thousand applications were submitted for passing of the examination for obtaining the right of control of the vehicle. In Russia for the registration of transport users have submitted about a million statements.

The five most popular services in the mobile application “public Services” — the passport of the new generation of the Russian citizen who has attained 18 years of age. In Siberia a convenient mobile service for registration of identity document, 62 have used thousands of times. In the Urals, for example, received 80 thousand applications time, the largest number of applications for this service was registered in the CFA — 215 thousand.

In 2018 Siberian mobile users repaid more than 1.9 billion rubles of avtoshtrafami, tax and court fees and state fees. A year earlier it amounted to 696 million rubles. As a whole across Russia the volume of payments through the app in 2018 increased by more than two times and exceeded 20 billion rubles.

At the end of September 2018 for owners of mobile devices with the iOS operating system became available for the payment of state fees and avtoshtrafami payment system, Apple Pay, in November, this possibility was implemented for the repayment of tax and judicial debts. Since the launch of the service, users made more than 1.16 million transactions worth over 1.4 billion, representing 10 per cent of total payments. Siberians iOS gadgets paid nearly 123 million rubles.

In the Russian regions users appreciated the mobile application “public Services”. So, the owners of Android devices put the app 4.65 points out of a possible five, and the users of the iOS operating system — 4.7 points.

PJSC “Rostelecom” together with the Ministry digital development of Telecom and mass communications is responsible for the operation and development of e-government Infrastructure. Technological partner of the project is OJSC “RT labs”.

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