For own needs of the army.

The Russian army began work on creating their own “closed Internet.” Closed network, called multi-service transport network (MTS) required the armed forces of Russia for the secure exchange of sensitive information. A separate Internet for the military shall be established within two years.

Multi-service transport communication network will allow the military to exchange information with maximum security. MTSS will not have access to the global Internet. All the data closed network will be stored exclusively on servers of the Ministry of defence, which are located in Russia.

For “private Internet” for the Russian military and create a special search engine. He will give an easy way to navigate network resources and find the information they need.

According to the published data, the network military will be ready for launch in 2021. The first phase, which will begin after testing private Internet of the Russian armed forces will be completed at the end of 2019.

The amount of funds allocated for the project was not disclosed. It is only known that a “closed Internet” the military will have to lay fiber optic cable through the Arctic.

Source: iz.


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