According to analyst firm BMO Capital Markets, the users are not in a hurry to change your smartphone to a new model. And over the last few years, the “lifetime” of mobile devices has increased significantly. In the case of iPhone, the figure reaches 2.5 years.

Experts note that a similar trend was seen in 2014, shortly after the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Analysts explain the increase in the operating time of the devices by several factors. First, the lack of notable innovations. And, secondly, a sufficiently high performance models available.

Analysts at BMO Capital Markets believe that this year the “lifetime” of the iPhone may increase even more. This will be the case if the cupertinos will fail to engage users with new models.

Recall that this fall Apple is expected to show three new iPhone. According to rumors all new items will be made in the style of iPhone X, but only two of them will have OLED screens. The third spacecraft will be equipped with a LCD display and single modules of the main chamber. But and cost of this model will be significantly cheaper – about 650-700 dollars.


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