Experts continue to make predictions about the cost of a new iPhone. Previously it was assumed that iPhone X Plus will be not only the biggest but also the most expensive Apple device. However, the staff of the analytical company TrendForce believe that the 6.5-inch Apple smartphone will cost no more than “anniversary” of the iPhone.

According to recent estimates of experts, the most affordable of the three new products would be iPhone with a 6.1-inch LCD display. The basic version of this device should cost in the range of from 699 to 749 dollars. Analysts believe that this model will have the demand.

As for the updated iPhone X users will be able to purchased for around $ 899-949. The most expensive new iPhone will be X Plus. But despite this, the basic version of this new Apple flagship should cost no more than $ 999. Earlier, some analysts speculated that the price of 6.5-inch iPhone will start at 1 100-1 200 dollars.

It is expected that the new Apple smartphone will be presented in about a month. Not so long ago in the network appeared information about the fact that autumn Apple presentation will take place on 11 or 12 September. In the sale of novelty should appear in about a week and a half after the official announcement.


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