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The largest online stores preparing for the sale on 11 November, timed to the world day of shopping. Many discounts already announced, including the iPhone and other Apple equipment. In this article we have gathered the best deals of the upcoming sales.

As in previous years, more powerful than just a sale “11.11” intend to conduct online shopping AliExpress and Tmall — Russian platform AliExpress, which delivers original products of leading brands in term from one to five days. We got acquainted with the planned sale discounts on Apple equipment and found that really the best deals will be a lot.

Discounts honest or not?

Before proceeding directly to discounts, ask — they are honest or not. Yes, all such sales are accompanied by thousands of fake discounts that sellers are just trying to attract buyers. We ignored all these “discounts”, choosing only those products with real discounts.

For example, the sale Tmall will sell the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of memory for the price of 33 531 rouble. The lowest price of the smartphone from authorized Apple retailers in Russia — 36 990 rubles. The difference is 3 500 rubles. Or, for example, tablet, iPad 2018, which recognizes the best budget tablet in the world. It will be sold on Tmall in 19 992 ruble. Find a cheaper iPad in 2018 in the Russian stores is impossible.

Note: all below prices will be valid on November 10 and 11!

iPhone 7 32GB

Price: 33 531 rouble.

iPhone 7 — the latest Apple smartphone in an aluminum body. By the way, rugged housing model many call one of the main advantages of mobile — fangled glass housing not everyone likes. iPhone 7 is the perfect choice now. The smartphone is very fast and equipped with a gorgeous camera.

iPhone SE 32 GB

Price: secret!

Latest compact smartphone, Apple remains extremely popular. One of the reasons, of course, is that the model has a small and convenient in everyday use sizes. The price of the smartphone on sale Tmall “11.11” currently classified and this means that the cost will definitely be reduced greatly. If you want to buy SE iPhone, then be sure to come on November 10 and 11 on Tmall — then the price of the smartphone will be revealed.

iPhone X 256 GB

Price: secret!

Jubilee Apple, which was the first iPhone with a completely revamped design over the years, too much cheaper for sale, 11.11. iPhone X has not officially sold, but in large shops still have stocks of the smartphone. Price iPhone X at a discount is classified, so we should expect a powerful decline!

iPhone XS 64 GB

Price: secret!

On Tmall officially sold the flagship Apple — iPhone XS. Now while sale has not started yet, it can be purchased with a modest discount of 2%. But on 10 and 11 November the price will drop decently. At the very least, it suggests that the cost of the smartphone as part of the sale is hidden.

iPhone XS Max 64 GB

Price: secret!

The same applies to the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max is the biggest smartphone in Apple history. The model became a hit around the world since Apple first released smartphones with such large displays.

2018 iPad Wi-Fi 32GB

Price: 19 992 ruble.

9.7 inch iPad Pro 2018 is recognised as the best budget tablet in the world. He has an incredibly powerful “stuffing” for its low price — the tablet will remain relevant for at least five years! In addition, the tablet supports stylus Apple Pencil, which until recently could only work with the expensive iPad Pro.

Apple Watch 38mm Series 3

Price: 21 551 ruble.

The new Apple Watch Series 4, which was submitted in September, all good except the price. Fortunately, the previous model of the Apple Watch Series 3 after the novelty began to fall. Especially “tasty” the price of smart watch will be set at the sale Tmall.

Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+ 42 mm

Price: 22 941 roubles.

The larger model Apple Watch Series 3, so even with the strap, Nike+, too much will fall in price on sale.

13-inch MacBook Pro

Price: 75 652 of the ruble.

One of the largest skidcar upcoming sales! 13-inch MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD will be sold with a very impressive discount. Find this laptop cheaper is unlikely to succeed.

13.3-inch MacBook Pro 2018

Price: 114 542 of the ruble.

The last Apple product that will be sold at the sale “11.11” Tmall has the biggest discount. The flagship 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will drop by more than 25%! Of course, this laptop is not for everyone, but those wishing to purchase this particular model will be pleased to note a similar discount.

On sale Tmall “11.11” will be sold with huge discounts and hundreds of other devices. A complete list of products whose price will be seriously reduced you can find on this page.

Now on to the goods from AliExpress that too much will fall in price on sale, “11.11”. Original Apple devices are not sold on AliExpress, but as you all know, a huge number of different useful accessories. Let’s start with the real hit the last few months.

Covers-akkumulatorer-battery for iPhone

Price: 1 151 ruble.

One of the main problems users of iPhone is the battery life. Over time, it is greatly reduced, which makes it comfortable to use smartphones. On AliExpress there is a chic accessory that will once and forever solve this problem. Slim case-battery for various models of the iPhone has a capacity of 3000 mAh. This means that the battery life of any iPhone model it will increase in exactly two (!) times. The case looks modern and makes the iPhone thick and unpleasant to use. Excellent purchase for everyone who’s tired of constantly charging your iPhone.

Case-battery for iPhone 5s/SE

Price: 878 rubles.

Unfortunately, the previous model of the case is not available for iPhone 5s and iPhone SE, which are very popular in Russia. But for 4-inch smartphones created by Apple batteries, the best of them too well will throw in price in the upcoming sale. Note that this case is a little thicker, but its capacity is equal to 4200 mAh — iPhone can operate without recharging for more than three days!


Cases — most popular iPhone accessories on AliExpress all that is quite obvious. Below we have gathered the most original and popular models of cases for all iPhone models that are seriously cheaper on sale.

Transparent silicone case

Price: 63 of the ruble.

Unusual case for women

Price: 112 roubles.

Fabric cover

Price: 110 roubles.

Leather case with card holder

Price: 296 roubles.

“Marble” cover

Price: 65 rubles.

Case with cutout logo

Price: 77 roubles.

Case with gradient

Price: 92 rubles.

Original covers with unusual prints

Price: 69 roubles.

Protective glass and films

On AliExpress are sold, probably tens of thousands of different protective films and glass for the iPhone. But the best models have long been known — buyers voted for them. Provided below the protective glass and films tested a huge number of iPhone owners, it is possible to take safely.

Tempered safety glass

Price: 33 rubles.

Protective glass 9H

Price: 50 rubles.

Protective case made of tempered glass

Price: 229 roubles.

Restored iPhone

On AliExpress there is no official Apple devices, but there is a restored iPhone which are sold at amazingly low prices. This is a real original iPhone, but restored in an informal way. In other words, this quality renovated Chinese masters iPhone. With this iPhone can be technical issues — insurance? However, the refurbished iPhone are very popular among buyers. On sale “11.11” buy iPhone will and does “funny” money:

  • iPhone 5s — 7 492 rubles.
  • iPhone 6 — from 11 369 rubles.
  • iPhone 6s — 15 244 rubles.
  • iPhone SE — 10 from 285 rubles.
  • iPhone 7 — 24 354 rubles.


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