Choice for every budget.

A smartphone is a great gift for any occasion. But on March 8 smartphones are particularly popular, statistics don’t lie. The question is only what kind of smartphone to choose. Told about the best model, giving you will not miss.

In this selection we have collected not just the best smartphones to gift on March 8. The acquisition of all these models is the most profitable. Specially for the International women’s day they were installed really powerful discounts.

Some smartphones are two prices. The first price in one of the largest convenience stores, I went and bought it and gave. Second price with the shopping site Tmall, noticed where the most powerful discounts on 8 March. Just couldn’t be ignored. Shipping with Tmall takes two to five days — March 8, just come.

iPhone 7

Price of MTS: 34 490 rubles (+cashback of 1500 rubles).

Price Tmall: 30 989 rubles.

Let’s start with the most proven options with iPhones. iPhone 7 currently definitely is the best Apple smartphone in the ratio “price-quality” in Russia. The smartphone works fine in 2019, and certainly not “blown away” in the next 3-4 years. Smartphone for prolonged use.

What else is what sets the iPhone 7 — a variety of colors. You can buy pink, silver or Golden model, ideal for women.

iPhone XR

Price of MTS: 59 990 rubles (+cashback of 5000 rubles).

Price Tmall: 57 530 rubles.

iPhone XR — perfect gift for the woman who appreciates bright things, pleasing to the eye. In this regard, XR iPhone unique smartphone. It comes in six different colors, including yellow, coral, blue and red. Any of the colors looks great and will most certainly delight. In this case, iPhone XR — flagship. Smartphone for years, which has incredible performance, a record for the iPhone time and quality camera.

iPhone X

Price: 63 990 rubles (+cashback 3000 rubles).

If you want to make the best gift possible, in this case, no doubt, is to take the iPhone X. the Magnificent “jubilee” Apple has refined design, the highest speed and an amazing camera filming-level “DSLRs”. Of course, you can wipe and flagship iPhone XS, but the difference in price between smartphones too large under the condition that the design and feature set, smartphones are virtually identical.

iPhone SE

Price: 18 990 rubles (+cashback of 1500 rubles).

The latest iPhone from stack — a compact and ageless iPhone SE. The model will be a perfect gift for any woman that simply inconvenient to use large smartphones. Last year on March 8, SE iPhone has become one of the most popular smartphones in Russia. This year is the same.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

Price: 19 990 rubles.

Samsung has no less cool smartphones that are suitable as a gift on March 8. Inexpensive but special Galaxy A7 (2018) is one of them. The smartphone is an excellent design and several colors, including pink. But the main thing that the model has a bewitching OLED display, relatively small size and three (!) cameras!

Samsung Galaxy S9

Price: 49 990 rubles.

Last year’s flagship Samsung began actively to fall in price after the new models. And it should take, choosing a gift for 8th of March. Galaxy S9 for the year was a bit worse. A smartphone with a unique curved display striking colorful display, high speed and acknowledged by all the experts camera. Galaxy S9 is available in a special color “Ultraviolet” which is the most popular among women.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Price: 56 990 rubles.

The list of the best smartphones to gift on March 8 you can include all three of the latest Samsung devices. But we will restrict ourselves to one, which is quite adequate by today’s standards, and is available in its original bright colors. S10e Galaxy smartphone with the most modern design and impressive capabilities. It is symbolic that the smartphone will go on sale 8 March. Now you can only pre-order, receiving as a gift a fully wireless headphone Galaxy Buds (similar to AirPods). Thus, you will have to make two gifts at once!

Xiaomi Mi8 Lite

Price: 13 853 of the ruble.

The Chinese Xiaomi smartphones a lot, to give on March 8. Most of them are inexpensive, but prone to slowdown and glitches. You are such a gift, of course, unlikely to want to do. Therefore, among the Xiaomi smartphones look to the Xiaomi Mi8 Lite. He is much cheaper over the past few months. But despite its current price, the device is great. Modern design, stylish case gradient colors and cool dual camera. Now Xiaomi Mi8 Lite, probably the best smartphone among all the ratio “price-quality”.

Huawei P20 Lite

Price: 16 990 rubles.

And another Chinese giant, there are dozens of great smartphones. The most remarkable of them on the eve of women’s day — P20 Huawei Lite. Smartphone with original striking design is quite compact, with a powerful processor, dual camera, which is sharpened on shooting in low-light conditions (e.g. the apartment) and wide-angle 16-megapixel selfie camera! Any lover of selfie will be thrilled.

Huawei Mate 20

Price: 39 990 rubles.

And not to mention most recently the flagship of Huawei, who just collapsed in price. Huawei Mate 20 has a unique design, designed for easy use with one hand. The characteristics of the smartphone will certainly give odds to most part of smartphones that will be released for the whole of 2019. Here and OCTA-core processor with support of artificial intelligence technology, and a triple camera with a resolution of 16+12+8 MP (!) and battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh allows smartphone to work up to 2.5 days. In other words, a very cool smartphone.


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