Quality shooting modern smartphones have caught up with cheap cameras. However, according to the latest tests, in some cases, the mobile device can compete with more expensive cameras.

The blogger, photographer and videographer ed Gregory decided to find out what they are capable iPhone Max Xs in comparison with a professional camera. And as an “opponent” for the new Apple flagship, he chose a Canon C200, price of which is approximately equal 9 iPhone Xs Max.

In order to test was more or less true, Gregory was used in tandem with Canon C200 lens Sigma Art 18-35mm. Thus, he received approximately the same focal length as that of the iPhone Xs Max.

According to the blogger, under certain conditions, a 6.5-inch Apple flagship shoots video, which is characterized by good brightness and color reproduction. In the end, the footage is almost not in need of correction. Canon C200 with lens Sigma Art 18-35mm on the contrary requires treatment. But precisely because of this, it is possible to achieve high detail, smoothing and structuring of images.

Summing up, Gregory pointed out that to date, in some scenarios high-quality video can be removed on the iPhone Xs Max. And he was sure that ordinary users will not notice the difference between material shot on a smartphone and a professional camera.


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