Recently, the author of the famous YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once Zach Nielson checked out the new iPhone 11 Pro Max strength. However, this seemed to him a little and he decided to investigate the novelty and to study its internal components.

Any unexpected finds Nielson did not. However, in contrast to the specialists iFixit, who have completed the disassembly iPhone 11 Pro Max last week, the author of the channel jerryrigeverything once drew attention to the very small innovations.

For example, in the process of dismantling Nielsen found that Apple still uses non-standard screws. However, for the first time in many years, the cupertinos have changed their form, so that they can be unscrewed using a screwdriver with straight slot. While doing this special tool still more convenient.

Another feature that drew the attention of Nelson, became speaker of the smartphone. It turned out that the sound chamber is filled with tiny Styrofoam balls. Nielson suggested that this is done in order to add the sound of “volume”.

Despite the fact that Nielson did not set out any task of evaluating maintainability, it is noted that to disassemble and assemble Apple’s smartphones are very difficult, even one incorrectly screwed the screw during Assembly can lead to the fact that the device simply will not work.


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