Insider Sony Dickson posted a video with a working prototype of the Apple W. A. L. T. (Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone). The device, announced in 1993 at Macworld in Boston, was a mixture of tablet and phone with a large touch screen and a stylus.

The gadget also combines the functionality of a Fax, offering access to banking services, can identify the subscriber and allow to set ringtone. W. A. L. T. developed in collaboration with BellSouth, was made from the components of the computer PowerBook 100 and worked on a special version of Mac OS 6, specially configured for this device.

Apple and launched mass production of the tablet-phone, but a few copies can still be found on sale at a very high price. For example, in 2012 auction on eBay one of the prototypes was sold for $8000.

Previously, Apple has released a new promotional video called “Outsiders” dedicated to the four employees of the company and their idea of creating a round pizza boxes.

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