The Central Bank of Russia wants to join the Roskomnadzor without a court order to block sites that distribute incorrect financial information, according to “Vedomosti”.

The Central Bank has directed on consideration to the government of the Russian Federation a number of amendments to the law “On information”, according to which the Agency intends to block access to four types of resources:

  • sites whose names are too similar to others, which creates confusion and can deceive the consumer;
  • pages of organizations that provide financial services without the appropriate license;
  • sites hosting unreliable information about working of financial organizations;
  • platforms giving access to databases and other resources and financial and credit companies.

To restrict access to the latest features in the pretrial order. While the first three paragraphs, the decision to block may make the head of the Central Bank or his authorized Deputy. Under the amendments can get both Russian and foreign resources.

If the draft amendments will pass all stages of approval, the Central Bank of Russia, along with Roskomnadzor will be entitled to join the register of banned sites. Opponents of the initiative fear that the financial regulator may also be inaccurate, as the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of communication, which will trigger a new wave fan of the locks that will not affect the work of the attackers.


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