One of the features of iOS 12 is a feature that allows you to set limits on the use of certain applications. Of special interest this has caused parents. However, the children quickly found ways to bypass locks.

According to one Reddit user, his 7-year-old son quickly figured out how to bypass restriction on game. It turned out that when the time was over, the kid just deleted the game and installed it again from the cloud App Store. After that you can continue to play.

However, this is not the only such case. According to another user, his child has found another (more simple) way to bypass restrictions. After blocking apps, it just moved the time in system settings and everything started work again.

Of course, some ways to bypass the locks can be disabled. For example, iOS 12 the setting of limits on the uploading of applications. But this leads to the fact that the programs themselves will no longer be updated.


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