The Chinese authorities have officially confirmed the birth of children with altered DNA. Preliminary investigations revealed that the Chinese scientist did create genetically modified children, violating a number of Chinese laws.

“The scientist has established a national project team comprising of foreign staff who deliberately avoided oversight and used unsafe technology to edit genes in human embryos for the purpose of reproduction, which is officially prohibited by law”, — quotes RIA Novosti source

In addition, the scientist for two years he forged the results of expert examination and scored eight couples to participate in your experiment that resulted in two pregnancies.

In the experiment, one of the mothers gave birth to twins, which were named Lulu and Nana, and another woman is still pregnant and carrying the fetus with the edited DNA. Now they are under the close supervision of physicians.

Earlier, the “Free press” reported that the twins from Vladimir disgruntled that iPhone X does not distinguish them from each other using face recognition Face ID. Men demand that Apple not only paid them compensation, but also contributed to the user manual warning about how Face ID works with twins.

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