And I still remember how many “preachers” were buried laptops and Windows when the tablets were at the peak of popularity. Even the laptop manufacturers at the time believed in such a future, therefore, the city of the strange contraption in the format of a hybrid of a hedgehog with a snake, or was just hooked up to the keyboard to the tablet and waited to see what exactly these mini computers all buyers and run.

But time has put everything in its place, and now we observe that the mobiles in the role of full-fledged computers do not need nor urethanes Windows or running Android. Among tablet manufacturers, almost all extinct, and the remaining (Apple, Samsung, and Huawei) leaders of tablets such devices sold so bad that the “big three” prefers not to mention specific figures.

In General, with tablets and other “substitutes computers with GMOs and preservatives the” nothing flew, so popular manufacturers of phones… rushed to release classic compact laptops on Windows!

And in the river wanted to come, even those who never before laptops were released — for some reason all of the “burst” on such decisions in 2016. Huawei put out some feelers first, but for some reason decided that buyers want glamorous expensive tablet with a keyboard. Xiaomi woke up a little later, but there were no half measures and immediately released “just laptops”, it very well earned.

Huawei MateBook X Pro
Huawei did not become discouraged (because there is no need to be depressed when you have a net profit of $7.4 billion per year), and released the tablet-hybrid, and classic laptop in the middle of 2017. Buyers are much more willing to chose the second option, therefore, in the fall, the Chinese gave the “green light” for the release of their very very tough, expensive and technically advanced laptop that could compete with Apple’s MacBook Pro 13 and Windows the best models with 13-14″ screens.

During its relatively short career obzorschika I’ve heard so many times “right now, we’re gonna be on Apple!” from Chinese manufacturers of all kinds, even sick of hearing this phrase, not to mention the fact that in reality all these “killer iPhone/iPad/MacBook” as a rule, was not near as good performance even with not the most fancy Apple.

But Huawei, unlike some fellow”balabolov” for a very long time, fulfills the promise. He promised to make the smartphone with the best camera made. Promised a record powerful processor is released. But all quickly got used to this reality like it has always been. But the fact that the producer who released his first full-fledged laptop in 2017, for the second half of 2017 surpassed most models of Acer, HP, Lenovo and much of Apple’s quality of workmanship that is still in my head. But now we try to compartmentalize, “for what services”, and a cool head to understand the pros and cons of the coolest Chinese laptop of today.

Huawei MateBook Pro X (Mach-W19C)


13,9″, 3000×2000, IPS, JDI LPM139M422A, glossy, touch


Intel Core i5-8250U (4 cores/8 threads, 1.6/3.4 GHz, 15 W, 14 nm)


8 GB, DDR3L, 2133MHz, Dual Channel

Processor and integrated graphics

Intel UHD Graphics 620, (300-1100 MHz)

Discrete GPU

NVIDIA GeForce MX150, 2 GB GDDR5

256 GB (Lite-On CA3-8D256), NVMe PCIe soldered on the mother Board

Ports and connectors

1x USB 3.0 (full size)

1x USB 3.0 Type-C

1x Thunderbolt Type-C

1x mini-Jack,

Wireless interfaces

Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 ac (Intel 8265) + Bluetooth 4.2

57,4 W*h
Dimensions (WxDxH)

304x217x14.6 mm
1.33 kg
Estimated price

100 000 rubles (preliminary)

What the hell is it so expensive?

You have seen those nasty numbers with the prices in the table above, so just to confirm — Yes, it’s fucking not cheap. Huawei “breaks in the premium” on all fronts, and doesn’t want to be a Queen, but she wants the mistress of the sea. In short, he is not willing to stamp people’s models with the minimum margin, as Xiaomi goes, because “no gain no progress.” Rather, cheap laptops in chaweewan still there, but they sell it under the brand Honor.

Huawei believes MateBook X Pro full “Suite”

And MateBook = “full stuffing”, which only can stick to the thin and light body, and almost all competitors with similar characteristics (display resolution higher than Full HD; 13-15 mm thickness, 256 GB SSD, Quad core processor + discrete graphics) will cost you the same amount, if not more — discover the prices of competitors, etc., and you will realize that MateBook X Pro is somewhere between prohibitively expensive Quad-core Apple MacBook Pro 13 the cheaper, but lagging as part of the characteristics 920 Lenovo Yoga 13, Dell XPS 13 9360 etc. still Have unexpectedly cheap ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331UA, but he overheats so quickly that “your division”, and the quality of display is also steps to the forest.

In General, the price bites, but, if you ignore the fact that laptops with label HUAWEI have not yet become prestigious characteristics. Today other iPhones now cost even more, and they become obsolete even faster.

The frameless bermocoll

First and foremost, the Huawei boasted at the presentation MateBook X Pro — “bermocoll” screen. Like, is 91% of the front panel, so the enclosure 13.3-inch laptop fits the screen size of 13.9” and it’s a record.

Frame is really small but only in comparison with the competitors realize HOW small they are

I’m not lying! Because among the “frameless” laptop for dimensions, there is still no one cooler. The first thing comes to mind is the Dell XPS 13, which has opened a fashion for such screens God knows when (in the spring of 2015, if you need exact numbers). But it little only on three sides, and the bottom a huge part of the display is a DELL inscription (almost as if in the main picture of the article was written KHARITONOV) and “not sewn Mare’s tail” web camera somewhere in the bottom corner. In the end, even so edge-to-edge laptop get a 13.3″ in the same length, but the thicker body… which does not even have a discrete graphics card, which could justify the approach “we then had to fence extra fans and everything.”

The second frameless competitor, Lenovo Yoga 13 920, kept the camera at the top and the considerable size of the bottom frame, so when the same 13.9” diagonal is not an example of larger Huawei. And again the graphics is limited only by the needs of the “typewriter” no you GeForce.

The Chinese accommodate 13.9 inch screen case 13.3 inch laptop. Looks nice

Brand new MacBook Pro 13 even on the background of the models above does not look razevshiysya, but the frame in the screen of the conventional size, and this means that in a live comparison he looks “old tube TV” and accommodates 13.3″, where Huawei almost 13.9″. It seems a small thing, but good to get used quickly — and you realize it when you laugh at the part in the iPhone 8 Plus compared to the iPhone X or XS.

This outstanding bermocoll in Matbucha appeared because the web camera is located… in the keyboard! between the first and second F6 and F7. Press — jumping, use a camera, highlighted by the white indicator. Press again disappears.

The camera is off.

The camera is on.

Hard to say, plus or minus. For compactness of the laptop in General — plus, but the camera now does not want to, because she looks at you bottom-up, so regardless of your weight relatives will tell you in Skype “you are such a slob, you pig!” and to examine the topography of your chin. But there is one advantage — the camera, as usual, in laptops, it does not hurt the quality, so to see the details of how much you have fat in the lower part of the head, teasing fans still can’t. And seal the camera with tape, as does the paranoid head of Facebook, is also not necessary — you always know the camera sees you or not. It is a pity that in MacBook cameras give much better picture, and MateBook X you look at the image-level smartphones for 5 thousand rubles.

Obzorschik looking at low-quality web camera MateBook X Pro with chagrin, and at the same time, with despair in his eyes

Very thin, although the connectors are “cut”

If you take into account “the farm” kind of game model, the average laptop hard to make some unusual design. And Huawei MateBook X Pro is also almost no distinguishing features. But, the blessed Steve jobs why this laptop is so similar to the Apple MacBook Pro 13? And Huawei P20 somehow similar to the iPhone X. maybe I just imagined it?

Operate conveniently. It is a pity that the design is largely redrawn from Apple

And not to NIT appearance, but the flagship laptops similar to themselves, Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre 13 also no one will confuse and Haveem everyone who has seen it from the side, at first said “buddy, you finally bought a MacBook and refused to “Windows”? It’s time!”. And I understand that the laptop is different from the poppies and the color and shape of the power key.

The fingerprint scanner is cool, but the power button intermittently doesn’t work the first time

In the button, by the way, is hidden a very high quality fingerprint scanner to log into Windows or unlock the system after sleep is possible without a password, like on smartphones. However, our off the instance respond to the power key is not whenever we clicked on it — sometimes on the first try, sometimes understand what we want it to include only the third press. The “raw” BIOS UEFI, or need something “to correct in Conservatory”?

The keyboard is comfortable, enough connectors, the design copied from the MacBook Pro 13
The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the on indicator (charging indicator) is located in the middle of nowhere — close connectors Type-C on the left side. In General, it is difficult to understand at what point the laptop started to respond to the key until the screen appears HUAWEI.

A microscopic hole near Type-C — power-on indicator and charging (red, yellow, green, depending on the charge percentage). Yes, it is almost invisible

Once I started to list the shortcomings of the body, “drive through” once for all. The opening angle of the cap average — not bad, but not so big that it has enough stock in all situations. The backlight is stupid — very weak even at the maximum. No individual keys PageUp/PageDown for boldly forward should reply arrow + Fn, but it works somehow through time, most users do not care, but programmers and everyone who works with text, it will get on your nerves.

This is the maximum opening angle. It will be small!

Finally, only one full-size USB. Enough to connect a mouse or card reader (built-in no, but would like to, at least for microSD), but then you step on the difficult road, a difficult road into the world of adapters with USC Type-C “normal” USB.

Only one full size USB. But in many new laptops and this is not
However, the positive qualities outweigh. In a dark body colour laptop looks boring in the photo, live, but never looks dirty and the metal is simultaneously smooth, but not glossy and slippery — after a rough typical of ultrabooks with their “silver” (MacBook and imitators) use our Haveem much nicer.

The touchpad is huge, and it pulled mail at the front edge and not at the expense of quality — touch to recognize quickly and accurately. The keyboard is generally too cool after the new MacBook with their short-stroke keys and an epidemic affected the type of “butterfly”/”washboard” print on Matbucha — fun. Of course, in the old 15-inch MacBook Pro 15 (2015) or the new Dell XPS 13/Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 pressed a little softer and noticeably deeper, and the HP Spectre 13 in this respect, not worse. But Huawei was able to withstand the Golden mean in a thin laptop — this is commendable.

The touchpad is one of the best, which are only in Windows laptops

Huawei thin and compact, while at least one full USB in it, unlike a MacBook or a new Dell XPS. Everything else depends on do you believe in the advent of inexpensive mass accessories “smartphones” size USB, or do not believe.

Keys is not very high, but not “washboard,” as in the new MacBook

Screen MacBook and four great dynamics

I will not tell you for all MacBooks — their cohort is very large, but among Windows and competitors matrix Matbucha — hoo! 2.5 times brighter than the screen of Asus “but cheaper” ZenBook 13 UX331UN, exactly 2 times better on most parameters than the display of the HP Spectre 13 (ordinary, not x360) Lenovo Yoga 13 920 (these guys display all the trouble), commercials for a quarter of a brighter, ceteris paribus, than the Dell XPS 13 9370.

Roughly speaking, among the luxury Windows laptops have MateBook X Pro with a high quality screen, even without bezremontnoy (damn it). Otherwise it could not be, because the Chinese wanted to compete as much with Apple MacBook Pro 13, which it is willing to buy the designers and other photographers for the perfect colour reproduction and good brightness/contrast. Honestly, the screen of the MacBook Pro 13 commercials for 10% better in color accuracy, but no qualitative differences, neither in brightness nor sharpness between Huawei and Apple is not. And the transition with the permission of Quad HD level (MateBook Pro and competitors) in Full HD (budget ultrabooks) will cause you the same trauma as a glance at “lobation” with 6+ inches and HD-resolution after every X iPhones and Samsung S8/S9. You have been warned!

The location of the two additional speakers in the housing

The aspect ratio of the screen MateBook — not a wide 16:9, as we used to, and 3:2 (16:11 if you clear). On a more “square” display is much easier to write/read texts, process pictures or surf the Internet, though the black bands in films that are sharpened by a more elongated screens, is a more useful square.

The screen is one of the best in the new laptops. The sound is the best among all compact models

Surprisingly, the brightness even higher than the stated factory figures — the Chinese have promised 450 CD/m2, in practice, we get 80 to 100 CD/m2 more (in different corners of the screen any laptop brightness varies a little).


Huawei MateBook X Pro (JDI LPM139M422A)

The maximum brightness level (max. /min.)

540/6 CD/m2
Contrast (more = better)

Color gamut sRGB/Adobe RGB (90-100% = ideal, more = worse)


DeltaE (less = better)

Gamma (ideal is 2.2)

Color temperature (ideal = 6500K)


Lack full connectors in Huawei MateBook X Pro forgive when you know what’s inside as many as four (!) dynamics. Two on the front panel, on either side of the keyboard, and two a little closer, singing from the slots in the bottom of the hull. Some. believe that there is solely cooling system — don’t believe them (almost all of the hot air emitted through the slot between the screen and the base of the case) and better look at the official slide of Huawei.

In a nutshell — the volume capacity is huge (by the standards of 13-inch laptops), sound quality seems normal at first and think “well, th’s so special?”. But then include MacBook Pro 13, and it seems to sound more squeaky and less saturated, and the extreme volume falls short.

The holes in the bottom of the case for speakers, not ventilation

Do not think that MateBook X Pro — any Boombox and can “BU-BU-BU” in music. The sound is more theatrical than a concentrated “pecking”, pardon my French. And very pleased that the proportion of bass, “mid” and high frequencies changes depending on volume — there is no such disgrace, when the laptop is at medium volume plays fine, but on high already screams and jarring.

Even begins to seem that from here, you can squeeze the bass, but it just seems — is Manager Dolby Atmos, only to squeeze out anything over and above the already configured presets “Music” you can not, can only worsen or “strangle” the original sound quality.

The greatest rarity in the ultrabook CPU is not overheating!

The only thing worth noting in the stuffing MateBook X Pro in a particular order — is what the hell you’ll have something in it to upgrade. RAM, by the standards of the flagship laptop, is not enough, and it is soldered on the motherboard, but it is bad. Trouble — 256 GB SSD in the only for the Russian market version of the Huawei laptop too with you for the rest of my life… laptop, not yours.

Tell us about the CPU very boring — it’s like trying to “give birth” something in connection with the release of another obscure Chinese smartphone with Snapdragon 845. Just remember that in thin laptops Intel Core i5/i7 up to the 8xxx generation — dual-core and all new processors, starting with the 8xxx and beyond — Quad-core. Speed different you understand how.

CPU benchmarks

In the choice between pop Core i5-8250U and “full stuffing” i7-8550U you will get a symbolic +600 MHz in the “max gear” and even less noticeable +2 MB L3 cache for very very specific computational tasks. If not circumcised from 16 to 8 GB of RAM in the younger versions MateBook (and competitors too), you would not care about the existence of versions with Core i7 finally. And so — “osadochek remains” because, if you have the background to spin the client Vkontakte/Facebook/Telegram, all sorts of cloud storage, Steam, Origin (why not? The game graphics also have), and then you open a few Chrome tabs and start something with photoshop SLR will hit the power limit laptop. It will not crash, but will slow you down. And 16GB could misbehave and run all sorts of things without consequences.

RAM isn’t the fastest, and the other cannot be set

Main in Quad-core laptops — not the name of the processor (all new Core i5 and Core i7 are about the same in performance), and overheated the laptop at maximum load, or not. Last year Huawei MateBook X (not Pro) powerful processor was just a marketing because the laptop was boiling any more or less long load, after which the processor is triggered protective mechanisms and it dropped power by 40%. This, folks, is called “throttle”, and this is the main pain of all modern compact flash since then, as they got four cores.

Filling the banal, by the standards of the new laptops. But unhackneyed that Huawei doesn’t overheat

So — Huawei MateBook X Pro on this background is great because it does not overheat in 90% of cases. If “bend” artificially benchmarks simultaneously, the processor, graphics card, all of the RAM and the SSD, the laptop is in exceptional cases it may “sneeze” at -15% performance, and then to win some MHz back. Normally neither processor nor the graphics card does not overcome the mark of 75 degrees Celsius, therefore, critical to 90-95 degrees and overheating is still far.

The MC almost not fail, the CPU does not overheat

For comparison, the HP Spectre 13 even in the daily work of “sinking” at least 25%. Benchmarks — 35, or even 40%. Cheap ASUS ZenBook UX331U loses 58% of capacity when you try the maximum load only one CPU, Lenovo Yoga 920 overheats slightly less load on the CPU, but in games when warmed up still and video, speed falls almost to the level of dual core. Dell XPS 13 2018 overheats less and drops the power to “only” 30%. The only “handsome” without significant overheating of compact laptops — Lenovo X1 Carbon 2018 and… Apple MacBook Pro 13. And MacBook a little faster, because Intel makes Apple special, slightly accelerated compared to the Windows counterparts of the processors “to pull”.

SSD is very fast, not enough can only the amount

You can play, you can not play

How to distinguish ultrabook typewriter from universal slim laptop for a little bit of everything? In the universal models is the NVIDIA GeForce MX150! God knows what the capacity is something like 1030 GeForce GT or GTX 750/Radeon R7 260X, when compared with desktop computers. But paired with a processor that is equal to some Intel Core i5-6500 in your “coffin” of a desktop computer, this is a good start, to somehow play most of the games.

What games (and how) goes on a laptop with a Core i5-and GeForce 8250U MX150 without snubbing

“Playable” detailed images

Far Cry 5
At minimum in 720p


On medium at 1080p

NFS Payback

At minimum in 720p

On high in 1080p

At minimum in 720p

Battlefield 1
On medium at 720p

Civilization 6
On medium at 720p

In short, will run almost any game, but cool graphics do not expect. On the other hand, from 1-pound hardy laptop and don’t expect it. If you are a fanatic of the maximum quality graphics, can be “chopped” in almost everything even in public transport… if you can do without a mouse.

“Somehow playing” any games you can. More from the skinny and light laptop and is not required

Performance MateBook X Pro in games

It is a pity that marketers NVIDIA — gay people who are quietly producing a faster MX150 for 15-inch laptops, and slow is 15% for the 13-inch versions (not overheated). But the monopoly of the MX150 still remain, so I suggest not to worry about it — other graphics in the thin laptops we have and never will.


Huawei representatives draw beautiful slides with information that MateBook X Pro stretch 12 hours of video playback, 15 hours online and 14 hours of office work. The figures are very stretched, like the skin on the face Melania trump.

In a few words about autonomy — the same as in the Apple MacBook Pro 13
In reality, the flagship Huawei runs 8.5 hours at maximum brightness on the Internet and about the same when watching the video. If you want to play away from the outlet, the charge will last approximately 2 hours — 2 hours 15 minutes. Depends on the “heaviness” of the game and graphics settings.

The autonomy claimed by the Chinese, far from reality, but still good

But at 70% brightness and at least the laptop works without problems 9-10 hours for everything except games. It’s 15-20% percent worse than the 920 able the Lenovo Yoga or Dell XPS 13, but the same does the new MacBook Pro 13 2018, and the HP Spectre 13 is discharged much, much faster.

And your favorite Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 also discharges much faster.


The Chinese, of course, sit high and look away, so any questions about competitors answer: “Well, well, well — we are interested to compete only with Apple MacBook Pro 13!”. So let us drink to our desires coincide with our opportunities, as happened at Huawei, because MateBook X Pro is really worthy of such a comparison!

The second opponent, by and large, can be any “frameless” laptop-flagship for Windows up to 14 inches with Quad HD display, Core i5 and discrete graphics, but it comes to mind only ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331UN/UQ, and he is not a competitor nor the screen quality, nor the stability, nor autonomy. So imagine for a moment that we do not care about the game and of the remaining options we prefer… Dell XPS 13 9370 as the most sensible option!

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (mid 2018)

If Huawei with your laptop comprehensively surpassed the flagship MacBook, you would have already heard about it on the radio, and on TV. But if you still haven’t heard anything like that and just read., so there are nuances.

How old is competitors neither killed the MacBook, and they did not kill. Because the Windows 10 version is similar to the system, which does not need to be a geek to make things work properly immediately after installation, but MacOS was such a long time. Because of the limiting characteristics for professionals, the MacBook screen still might be a little better. Because the processor initially slightly more powerful and works perfect without overheating. Because 10 hours of battery life MacBook — more or less stable value, not “there are drivers and a Windows update came down, and the laptop started to die earlier.” Yes, and glamorous views of the image-the prestige of Apple products I bought, buy and will buy for a long time.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Mid 2018)

But no one has been able to “smack around” experienced by Apple in such quantity as Huawei, which has only just begun to stamp the laptops in between the issue of cell phones and towers to mobile operators.

In MateBook leaner body, “bezrobocie” screen, which characteristics seem the same or even slightly better than Apple, for all but professionals. Speakers are better, the keyboard is much easier and safer, autonomy is the same, but there is a graphics card that allows you to play the game. And the price of the official below 35-40 thousand rubles. Isn’t that a success?

Features Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2018)

Dell XPS 13 (9360)

The first, and still one of the best laptops on frameless Windows. In contrast to the glamorous hipster Lenovo and HP Spectre, in a previous life was a business laptop for serious uncles. Therefore, in a much more subtle compared to the Huawei case he doesn’t have a graphics card for gaming, but it is possible to replace the SSD with a more capacious

Super-tough camera, 12-13 hours is a reality! Limit load photoshop and video editing software does not like, but does not SAG performance to a shameful level, unlike most of their competitors. The screen is very cool, except that the lower frame under the camera takes the place on which you pulled the matrix, despite the fact that the camera is so lousy and still takes your chin.

Dell XPS 13 (9360)

Sound good in person compared to MateBook X Pro is much worse, but by the standards of the models with two speakers very high quality. It is a pity that the ingenious comrades from Dell offer either dull modification with Full HD for 80-85 thousand rubles, and for a screen with 4K resolution kindly pay 110-115 thousand, because it comes with nafig not need a Core i7 with a speed of level i5-8250U. Such is the marketing and “unique user experience”. The unofficial one can find the same version and for 100 thousand exactly, but this is very rare scenario and there are options in the sale a little.

Features of Dell XPS 13

You know what sucks in the modern laptop market? Is that the question “who, if on a MacBook?” is almost never the answer. Very stupid situation when you already have enough money to buy expensive mobile computer, but you don’t like Apple/MacOS, and… can’t buy anything sensible. Come with a bundle of money in the online shop, and laptops that diarrhea, diarrhea with screens is not going smoothly, or autonomy, or these thin beauties just overheat and not able to work as quickly as they rely on the specification label.

So MateBook X Pro interesting cult around him is trying to build Huawei. And kill/defeat in a contest with the MacBook (although it is the Chinese partially successful). We just lived up to the moment when the laptop is verdict is “all the characteristics of a good, all working fine” for 100 thousand roubles — is a rarity. And MacBook — rare this grade.

I understand those who yell: “That this Huawei affords! Come on, let back to its place and produces something over 60 thousand, as does the Xiaomi!”. But this is a wishlist about the same level as the calls to release the Audi for the price of a Skoda. This will not be because Skoda we already have, and the owners “office” I want to release something more cool in the little things, albeit more expensive. Moreover, Xiaomi, firstly, does not just in many things, and secondly, now they don’t sell officially in Russia — very few people are willing to pay 60 thousand rubles on Aliexpress, and then be engraved on the keys, to Russify Windows and face someone who even the damn battery from wear and tear is almost impossible to buy in Russia (but from China it is not delivered because it is prohibited to carry large enough batteries by air).

Huawei MateBook X Pro
Is it worth buying MateBook X Pro? If you have 100 thousand rubles, but you absolutely don’t like the new MacBook is the best alternative. Quick, tough, high quality, suitable even for some games.

Disadvantages? A rather conventional use efficiency indicators in the middle of nowhere because “the boyars are not interested, how is SSD and how is the UEFI boot”. To connect a computer to a projector or monitor will have to fence the adapter, and 256 GB “nailed” memory is too few for a laptop which claims to be the sole PC of the owner. And webcam MateBook bad at all, except that it can be removed. And yet Huawei for two years did what Acer, ASUS and HP can’t do to this day — the flagship laptop with almost no flaws and the best in recent years rival the MacBook. For this award — keep up the spirit, comrades of capital-Communist China!

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