Chinese startup TimeKettle announced the start of sales of wireless headphones for simultaneous translation. Technology allows us to communicate freely with a native of another language. Those interested can make a reservation on the official website. The headphone cost less than $199.

Chinese development is able to translate sounding speech from 21 languages. Over time, the company promises to add 15 more languages. Headphones work can operate without recharging for 5 hours, but only together with a smartphone. The manufacturer has promised that soon the headset will work in offline mode. Before the beginning of the conversation, you need to choose a specific Annex language to be translated and enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device processes the short segments of speech and translate them for 5 seconds. The device can simultaneously use only two people. And the translation accuracy reaches 95%.

The Chinese startup has introduced a headset at the consumer electronics show CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Wireless headphones WT2 Plus looks similar to the popular Apple AirPods.

Wrote Chinese insider Ice Universe continues to share new information on the upcoming line of Samsung Galaxy S10. In his Twitter he posted the date and place of the announcement of the device, the presentation must go through February 20 in San Francisco. Samsung has decided to show the Galaxy S10 a week before MWC 2019

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