The face scanners will become more popular.

Company MediaTek, Himax and Megvii announced the creation of a 3D facial scan of the user for smartphones on the Android Active Stereo Camera (ASC). Analogue Face ID will be cheaper and will allow manufacturers of available devices to switch to the new method of biometric authentication.

Manufacturers joined forces to create an accurate and reliable system quickly. The MediaTek engineers have developed an algorithm of stereoscopic vision and depth of analysis, Himax created a spot the projector, the sensor and laser, and Megvii — advanced algorithm of Face++ on the basis of artificial intelligence. To use the new system is scheduled for facial recognition user, confirm payments and improve the quality of your pictures using the functions AI.

ASC projects is 7-10 thousand points on a user’s face to create a virtual three-dimensional map. System is safe to the human eye and is disabled, if you break the glass protecting the laser. Another advantage is the compact size. Components to scan the faces can be installed in any smartphone.

According to the principle of Active Stereo Camera resembles a Face ID, although the latter is much more accurate. Module TrueDepth projected onto a user’s face 30 thousand points.

Smartphones with face scanners ASC will appear on the market in 2019. The first 3D scan will get Android smartphones with the chipset MediaTek Helio Helio P60 and P22.

Source: Globenewswire


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