EU regulators ruled that mobile payments service Apple does not violate antitrust laws, but the decision may be reconsidered if the Commission receives an official complaint, said the European Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager.

In an interview with Reuters Vestager also made it clear that Google and Amazon will remain under observation until at least the end of its mandate next year.

Over the last 18 months Google has received fines in the aggregate in the amount of 6.8 billion euros ($7.7 billion) for violation of EU rules. In July, the regulator acknowledged that Google used its Android mobile OS as a means of securing the dominance of its search engine in the market. Google has filed an appeal against the decision of the European Commission fined the company $5 billion for abuse of dominant position.

During the investigation, the Commission came to the conclusion that Google is forcing manufacturers of Android smartphones are preinstalled apps created by Google. In particular, they talked about Internet browser Google Chrome. According to the European Commission that Google used illegal methods, including those paid to producers of smartphones. Another point of accusations against Google is that it is prescribed in the contracts with manufacturers of gadgets condition, forbidding the latter to exploit operating system created on the open source Android code.

The mobile payment service Apple Pay, launched in October 2014, is available in 10 EU countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Denmark.

As for Apple Pay, that is the opinion that the settings NFC chip in the iPhone involve the use of Apple Pay automatically when the user pays for the goods using mobile payment system. Now the investigation of this issue deals with competition authority of Denmark.

Vestager, known for his tough stance against tech giants that violate the rules of the EU, said that during the preliminary examination of the problem with Apple Pay, revealed no violations.

“At first glance, we are unable to discern the dominant position of Apple. However, this does not exclude that in the future we can change the decision on this issue. Until we have the necessary proof of guilt of the Apple. Obviously, if we had a formal complaint, we would have treated them with the utmost seriousness,” said Vestager.

Apple representatives did not comment on the situation.

While antitrust regulators busy checking the online retailer Amazon on the subject of unfair competition. Margret Vestager previously reported that Amazon places on its website the products of different sellers. Thus, an online retailer could use the data to boost their sales and compete with them. Amazon also sells its own products, with this being an online platform for other sellers.

“We collect information on this issue, and we sent a number of questions to market participants to fully explore this issue,” said Vestager. She added that currently informal inspection for a full study of the situation.

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