Today, the company DriveSavers has announced the launch of a new service that will allow users to recover data from locked devices running iOS, Android and Windows. However, it will cost this service is quite expensive.

DriveSavers representatives noted that the new service is aimed primarily at ordinary users who want to recover data from a locked device. Employees of the company did not specify how they “get” information from the memory of the gadget. However, in conversation with the authors of the MacRumors experts indicated that they are quite able to fully unlock your iPhone and, if possible, create a backup copy of the data.

As mentioned above, the company DriveSavers requests for their services a lot of money. In particular, for unlocking the mobile device, users will have to pay 3 $ 900. The company requires its customers supporting documents that show that they are the owner of the “problem” of the gadget.

It is worth noting that, until recently, to access data stored in the memory of blocked devices, could only by law enforcement agencies. For this latter actively collaborated with companies such as Grayshift.


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