Does Apple have something similar?

At the end of last week it became known that Samsung offered Apple their foldable displays. Many Apple’s patents indicate that the company’s engineers are working on possible options of folding not only iPhone but also iPad. Designers resource LetsGoDigital has created a new concept of foldable iPad based on several patents.

Concept foldable iPad based on the latest Apple patents. The device can be folded in half for use as a compact tablet with a narrow screen. This iPad design has been described in several patents.

According to the leak, Samsung has provided for testing of Apple kit folding displays. The Korean manufacturer has sent to Apple a 7.2-inch foldable display which is 0.1 inch smaller than the Galaxy Fold. According to sources, Samsung is considering the possibility of cooperation with Apple for the supply of folding displays for future iPhone and iPad.

At present, Samsung is supplying Apple with OLED displays for iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone. In this regard, the cooperation of companies to create a collapsible iPhone and iPad seems quite likely.

Are there any real Apple plans to launch foldable iPhone and iPad at the moment is not known. Previously, Tim cook said that Apple is preparing products that “will blow the roof off“. It is not excluded that folding iPhone and iPad are just such products.

Source: LetsGoDigital.


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