In the future, the mechanical keyboard can be replaced by touch panels. This ideology held student of the faculty of industrial design Furkan Kasap, creating the concept of MacBook Pro Touch.

Apple several years moving in this direction, promoting the Touch Bar in laptops. Not surprisingly, the concept makers have decided to present, as a Touch Bar can turn into a dynamic touch keyboard.

The project Furkan Kasap provides a radically new design in which the keyboard is located on the entire panel Mac, occupying the space that is currently used for the trackpad. In his vision will become a virtual trackpad.

The Corporation has set up a mechanism of Haptic response to the Apple Watch and the iPhone a couple of years ago. It can serve as a prototype technology used in the concept MacBook Pro. Haptic feedback very well simulates keystrokes, but that’s not enough. Users who work with large volumes of texts and become accustomed to the blind set should feel your fingers on the keyboard. This will require new technology that can mimic the edges of each key, even if the keyboard is not used.

Apple is already working on this technology and maybe in a few years we will see a MacBook Pro Touch.


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