On duty I often have to work with text. What program is used, directly affects my performance. I tried many different editors, and is willing to share the best.

In this list there will be Microsoft Word. Despite the fact that Office 2016 looks and works well, yet he is more suitable for large documents. Due to the fact that there are a lot of features, they can detract from the work.

Also, I decided to exclude Pages. To version for macOS no complaints, but to edit text on iOS maximally uncomfortable because the page is not optimized for phone screen.

Every editor in this list there are apps for iOS, macOS or web version, support for Markdown and the counter of characters.

iA Writer

My personal favorite, and the opposite of Microsoft Office. A minimum of settings and a huge window — so can be briefly described iA Writer.

The advantages of this editor you can write its simplicity, syncing via iCloud or Dropbox, beautiful and comfortable standard font, and the presence of dark themes. If you need a processor that doesn’t have anything to distract, then iA Writer is the perfect choice.

To some it may seem that he has too few settings. For example, it is impossible to change the font and other familiar text settings. But this is his main feature. The developers decided that the less customization, the more concentrated the work is.

iA Writer is available for macOS, iOS, Android and Windows. On Android and Windows free apps, the iOS version is 379 rubles, for macOS — 2 290 RUB.


A beautiful application that is suitable not only to jot notes, but for working with text. In concept it was something like iA Writer, only with a great customization.

In application settings you can change the font, spacing, and text size. Also Bear boasts of having eight themes.

The developers distribute the application free of charge, but for access to premium features, including synchronization between iOS and macOS will have to pay 99 rubles. per month or 949 RUB. per year.


This editor is suitable for those who prints a lot. The application has a large set of functions. Enumeration of all capabilities will certainly take a few thousand characters. If you wish, with the help of Ulysses, you can print and mark up the book.

One of the interesting and unique features can be identified “Objective.” If in the app settings to set a certain number of characters, lines or paragraphs in the document settings and a circle will appear, which as you write the objective will be filled with color. Such is the motivation from the developers of Ulysses.

The only downside is the price. Traditionally, Ulysses sold separately for each platform. But a year ago, the creators of the program decided to switch to a subscription, so I made the free version for two weeks. To continue to use all the features of Ulysses on macOS and iOS, will have to subscribe. There are several options:

  • Monthly — 269 RUB.
  • Annual — 2 290 RUB.
  • Student — 849 RUB for six months (need proof).

Google Docs

At first glance, it may seem that in Google Docs there is nothing interesting. But it’s not. First, it is free editor. Secondly, its interface is much nicer than Microsoft Word. This, of course, subjective, but to work with Google Docs is really nice, largely because of the elements and design.

The main feature of Google Docs that sets it apart from the competitors is a large library of add-ons. It can help greatly to expand the possibilities of the editor.


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