Some time ago, the network appeared information about the fact that one of the key features of the next Apple watch will be a sleep tracker. However, in the opinion of the Director General Beddr Michael kisha, such a sensor will not be able to give users enough useful information. In addition, the sleep tracker will negatively affect the autonomy of the Apple Watch.

It is worth noting that in the past the company Beddr released a very unusual sleep tracker called Beddr SleepTuner. Unlike most similar devices, it is not fixed on the wrist and on the forehead. Such a venue are not convenient to use. However, the company argued that their decision is beneficial is cast from the competition in terms of functionality, and it is approved by the FDA (Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA).

As for the sleep tracker in the Apple Watch 5, the head Beddr believes that Apple’s smartwatch will not be able to correctly track the phases of sleep. Primarily this is due to the location hours – during sleep, the user will move their arms, which will affect the accuracy of the data collected.

Another problem, according to Michael kisha, will be the battery life. In the case of the sleep tracker in the Apple Watch, the autonomy of the Apple watch will considerably decrease, which in turn will complicate the process of using the gadget.

Interestingly, with Kish not everyone agrees. Some believe that Apple will be able to cope with the increased consumption of smart watches. And now there are at least two different versions of this problem. One of them Apple just increase the battery, and the second will implement a special energy saving mode which will be activated only at night simultaneously with the sleep tracker.


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