Fans of the jailbreak do not need to worry.

Cydia’s Creator Jay Freeman announced the closure of the Cydia Store — shop with pay Takami and extensions for iPhone and iPad with jailbreak. Many media outlets incorrectly took this decision Freeman and stated that the service is covered and Cydia “jailbreak died.” However, in reality it is not — closed only on the Cydia store with pay Takami. All the free tweaks and repositories, as before, will be available to users.

Jailbreak is not dead

According to Freeman, he took the decision to close the Cydia Store due to the fact that the revenues of the store don’t cover it. The reason, of course, is that the availability of the jailbreak for users decreased. iOS 12 is still not hacked, and the ability to perform jailbreak iOS 11 is not available on all firmware versions.

But Freeman said that Cydia will continue to work normally. This means that iPhone and iPad users jailbreak, as before, will be available to all repositories with Takami. Moreover, if hackers will be able to run iOS 12 or newer iOS in the future, the service will be updated Cydia support firmware.

Thus, jailbreaking is not dead, as reported by many media outlets that don’t understand the situation. Of course, the majority of customers have long gone the requirement for jailbreak. However, among the owners of iPhone and iPad, there are still many fans of the “free” iOS.


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