MOSCOW, April 9. /TASS/. Autobiography of the daughter of the founder of Apple Steve jobs — journalist Lisa Brennan-jobs is “a Little fish” for the first time translated into Russian language, the novelty will go on sale in may. About it the correspondent of TASS said on Tuesday in the AST.

“The book will be available after may 10,” — said the source TASS.

In his autobiography, Brennan-jobs talks about the frequent moving, the mother, the complex relationship with his father. “Little fish” will satisfy those readers who are interested in not only the outer side of life of celebrities, but also internal. The one that is hidden from the cameras, which can see only close friends”, — said the press service of the AST.

Lisa Brennan-jobs recounts vivid moments spent with Steve jobs, the emotions of communication — both positive and those that hurt her. For example, the book describes moments like during family photo shoots, jobs would often ask her daughter to step out of the picture, photographed only with his wife and son.

Steve jobs is known as an innovator, he is the author of more than 200 inventions, from computers and portable communications equipment to design graphical interfaces. Under his leadership, Apple has become one of the most expensive corporations in the world. In 2004, doctors diagnosed jobs with a malignant tumor in the pancreas. He underwent several operations, he continued to work until August 2011 when he announced his departure as head of the company. 5 Oct 2011 at age 56 Steve jobs passed away.

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